Yoga from swelling

The role of the kidneys in our bodies is very significant -the kidneys are related to the excretory system and along with the intestine they release the final products of decomposition left after metabolism. These products include excess water, salt, carbon dioxide and urea.

Many would be surprised to learn how smallthe real need of the body for salts. The trick is that the food preferences of the average person and his love for fast food allow to penetrate into the body, where more salts than it is safe for health. And then come to the aid of the kidneys, at the cost of incredible efforts, these hardworking internal organs deduce excess salts from the inside out.

What's so awful about salts, someone will ask. Ladies, attention! This ruthless modern monster - cellulite - is mostly born of a surplus of salts in the body! The mechanism is simple - salt has the property of retaining water, and excessive water in the body is not only excessive volumes on the hips, stomachs and hands, it is also swelling, bruising and swelling on the face, which does not paint these faces, not only ladies, by the way. speaking!

Hypertension, hello to you from your kidneys! A fiery love of salty and often overweight played a cruel joke with you. Your kidneys are no longer able to independently deduce a monstrous amount of salts, and, consequently, water accumulated in the body. Frenzied blood pressure jumps and frequent headaches do not allow to live, work, have fun and provide bed rest. But do not despair, salvation is nearby and you should not look for it in tablets. Yoga and once again yoga. Even doctors, insisting on weight reduction in hypertension, recommend doing yoga and refraining from dynamic loads. Yoga can gently get rid of extra pounds and tens of kilograms, without excessive stress on the heart and spine.

The practitioners constantly note the diuretic effectafter asan yoga. Even if the bladder is emptied before exercise, after the exercises, and sometimes during them, the body will persistently ask for an emptying again. The constant practice of yoga improves the functioning of the kidneys and the bladder naturally - swelling will come down, and you will be surprised how fresh and attractive your face and body may look! Good-bye, cellulite! Goodbye, hypertension!

And with the help of asan yoga, inflammatoryprocesses in the kidney and bladder. It is hardly necessary to explain what is cystitis and any kind of nephritis. Twisting and inverted postures, the posture of "cobra" lead to increased blood circulation in the diseased organs and, as a consequence, "washing away" of inflammations from them.

With various kinds of omission of the kidneys, yogaacts with its inherent delicacy. By acting on the energy level, special asanas of yoga help to occupy the "wandering" kidneys destined by Nature in the body.

By the way, and eating habits, such as craving forsalty, smoked, fatty foods, with the practice of yoga are undergoing significant changes. Over time, you will learn to appreciate the natural taste of products, it will happen consciously, without pressure and prohibitions.

Believe in yourself and trust in yoga. With yoga your body will "sound" like the best orchestra in the world - harmoniously, harmoniously, in unison with soul and mind!

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