The best remedy for swelling

Relieves fatigue, swelling, tension in the legs and improves their microcirculation.

The price is, of course, a little expensive.

I have long wanted to buy a cream forlifting the weight in the legs of "Talasso", which is sold under the brand GUAM. All the time, when I was going to do it, something happened. This cream was sold out by the time I finally went to the store. He did not appear for a long time in the sale of the store "Riv Gosh" and pharmacies, where I came, otherwise I simply did not have the money, and sometimes the time to buy it.
A few days ago I still realized my dream and got this wonderful tool.
After several applications of this cream, when I was sure that it works perfectly and was 100% satisfied with it, I decided to write a review about it.
Before buying this cream, I heard about itfrom their friends and girlfriends a lot of positive feedback. The first to tell me about this cream is one of my pregnant girlfriends, who escaped from edema of the legs only with the help of this wonderful remedy. The only thing that it can be used during pregnancy, proves that this remedy has the finest quality. Yet for pregnant creams are issued with greater caution and undergo more stringent control.
For today, I used a cream"Talasso" produced by GUAM for a week. The most interesting thing is that the effect from it you feel from the first application and it comes quickly enough. On the first day of my use of this cream, I passed most of the day on his heels and by the evening my legs were not just tired, but they hummed in the full sense of the word.
Before using this tool, Itook a shower and applied it to clean skin. About this, by the way, it is written in the instructions to the cream that it can be applied strictly to clean skin and neither as otherwise. Before using it, you can not smear your feet with any other means or cream!
Personally, my cream began to act immediately. There was a very pleasant chill in my legs and after 45 minutes I completely forgot that my legs were tired and, as they say, hummed.
It is economical to spend money. Not a large amount of it should be smeared on the legs from the foot to the knee with a thin layer, rubbing in a circular motion in the skin. I noticed that it absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy traces, and a pleasant chill keeps for many minutes.
In addition to the fact that this cream relieves fatigue andswelling in the legs, it also stimulates microcirculation of blood in them and improves their aesthetic appearance. In general, this cream needs to be smeared from the gluteal muscles to the foot, but I do not do it for the sake of economy.
He also strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries,moisturizes the skin of the feet and refreshes. As for the smell, I really liked it. The cream, mostly, smells of mint freshness, apparently, this is due to the fact that the composition includes menthol.
By the way, this wonderful cream, to all its pluses, still has a 100% natural composition, which, personally, made me very happy.
It consists of an extract of algae GUAM,sunflower oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, ceramide, extracts of Tatar aster, menthol and kiwi. In my opinion, the composition is just excellent and you can not think of anything better.
The only drawback of this cream is its price.
In principle, given that it has a unique effect and a natural composition, such an expensive price, which is equal to 1,773 rubles 99 kopecks, is fully justified.
Yes, to use the cream "Talasso" from GUAM II advise you at night, as in the morning you just wake up flying, your legs will feel so good. When I began to use this remedy, I stopped using all the other foot creams. Body cream I use only to the shin, that is to the knees, and below I smear with cream "Talasso".
With regular use of it, the feet fullycease to swell and they appear light and very comfortable. in any case, I can so express the sensations after using this cream.
Today will be a week, as I use it and I can say that the difference between what my legs were before I began to smear them with this cream and after a week of its application, there is noticeable.
Earlier in the evening, it happened that the veins on the legsswollen, and the legs themselves slightly swollen. Now this is not observed at all. If it does, my legs will again become like a young girl. I really hope for it.
Now I can say for sure that I'm going to buy this karem again, because I intend to use it all the time.
In conclusion, I want to say that it is sold in the store "Riv Gosh" and in the pharmacies of the city of St. Petersburg.
This cream is produced in tubes of 200 ml with an opening lid, through which it is perfectly squeezed out by a soft tube.
Cream "Talasso" GUAM is associated with medical cosmetics and dermatological control.
I am allergic and my skin reacts very much to many cosmetics. After applying the cream "Talasso" was not, no irritation, no allergies.
I have this cream more than I like. I'm just totally ecstatic about him and I really want to advise him on those who have any problems with their legs.
Usually I used the "Leoton" remedy, which, after applying the cream "Talasso" from GUAM, I will not buy it any more. "Leonton" in comparison with "Talasso", in general, idle.
I noticed this comparison and I want everyone who used to use "Leoton" before, tried a new tool from GUAM, which is many times more efficient and better.

Overall Impression. The best remedy for leg swelling. Perfectly removes fatigue and tension in them.