Bath for swelling

Edema on the face can appear for various reasons. Most often it is a lack of sleep or a large amount of liquids drunk at night. Also, edemas can appear from smoking, overeating salty foods, overwork.

There are effective ways to get rid of edema and I'll talk about them in this article. And so, ways to get rid of edema.

[d01] A steam bath will help to get rid of edema. Brew in boiling water birch buds and rasparet face over a bowl with the resulting broth.

[d02] If the edemas on the face appear regularly, you can start doing daily washing with a decoction of chamomile, mint or linden. It is best to make ice from the resulting broth and wipe it every morning with a face.

[d03] Quickly get rid of the edemas will help a potato or cucumber mask. Razozritte on a fine grater raw potatoes or fresh cucumber and put a mew for 15 minutes on the face.

[d04] Swelling under the eyes helps to remove the massage. But do it carefully, without stretching the skin around the eyes. Just massage the area with light movements. You can do patting movements with your fingers on the upper eyelid, and then on the bottom.

[d05] In order not to appear in the morning swelling, take for a rule not to drink a lot of liquid before going to bed, and also limit the intake of spicy and salty foods.

[d06] Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet with a diuretic effect. These are cucumbers, watermelons, melons, apples.

[d07] Eat at least 6 times a day. The last meal should be 3 hours before bedtime.

[d08] To remove swelling, you can do the next bath 3 times a week. Add a batch of soda to the bath and 300g of salt. Half an hour of the bath with a water temperature of 37-38 degrees perfectly removes edema.

[d09] Foot swelling can be removed if placed on a hill. Use the back of another chair, for example. Blood will pile from the legs under the influence of gravity and remove puffiness from the feet.

[d10] A contrast shower helps relieve swelling. It can be applied as a local, affecting a certain area with edema, and the whole body.

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