What you need to eat so that there is no edema

H almost everyone facedthe problem of puffiness - for example, legs or face. But how many people know that the cause of permanent swelling can be a serious illness? What is the cause of edema and how can I fight them?

I have such a problem - recently, andmore precisely, the last few weeks every morning I watch with horror the swelling of my face and legs. This is a terrible sight and a very unpleasant sensation. Previously, there have never been such problems. I thought that maybe I drink a lot of liquid just before I go to bed, but even if I do not drink anything a couple of hours before bedtime, this has not changed anything.
Maybe someone knows what's wrong? I do not have time for doctors, now the session has started, and there is no special desire to visit polyclinics. Help me figure out who has an idea what the problem is. Would be very grateful. A very unpleasant sensation is the face, as if after unimaginable drinking, although I practically do not drink; but your legs! - Now I can not even put on shoes or a skirt. nightmare. With the kidneys, there seems to have never been any problems.

Most likely, it is the kidneys. Moreover, you need not just to go to the doctor, but to flee! With kidneys do not joke, especially at you, similar, very strong edemas. Yes, but what does "almost do not drink"? We had one friend, who had 1/2 bottle of cognac per day. Her kingdom is heavenly.

I join! check the kidneys! What do you mean, there were no problems? but have you been checked at least once?

Female doctor
I also think that health is more important than a session, and one trip to the doctor will not take much time.
And how often do you go to the toilet on a day? You need to go to the doctor, in any case.

I drink alcohol only on holidays, and even in moderate amounts. I think that a few glasses of wine a month (sometimes a couple of cocktails from vermouth and natures of juice) are not that many.
The fact that there were no problems means that neverpuffiness did not suffer, with such manifestations came across only as an observer from the side, some acquaintances ladies, but they were already under 40 years old. Therefore, I have never been tested, there was no reason. Yes, now, it has become rare, and usually ran only so, water quickly found a way out.

So I also accidentally found out that the kidneys are not right when it became bad. And before that, I would also say that there are no problems. Problems are gradually formed.

Prompt "folk" remedies for puffiness, please.

Edemas - excess fluid accumulation in tissuesbody, subcutaneous tissue. Edema is not an independent disease, it is a symptom of heart disease complicated by heart failure, kidney disease, can occur with liver cirrhosis, fasting, with pregnancy pathology.
With heart disease, edema is usually localizedsymmetrically on the ankles and legs in walking patients and in the lumbosacral region - in the recumbent. Often observed ascites - accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.
With kidney diseases, edema is localized first on the face, especially in the eyelid region, and later on the legs, lower back, genitals, anterior abdominal wall.

To cure swelling, you need to treat the disease,on the background of which they appeared. In addition, as a symptomatic agent, prescribe diuretics, as well as restriction of table salt, and vice versa, use as much vegetables, fruits and berries that have a diuretic effect. Also, dairy products are also useful.
Traditional medicine offers a large number of drugs that reduce edema and alleviate the condition of the patient, but still accept them recommended after consultation with the attending physician.
1. black elderberry (flowers);
chamomile pharmacy (flowers);
linden heart-shaped (flowers);
peppermint (herb).
Herbs are taken in equal quantities.