Wraps from swelling

Algae wraps are: hot, cold and contrasting.

Hot seaweed wraps expand the blood vessels and activate blood circulation, stimulate the process of splitting fats. All this gives good results in the fight against cellulite and overweight.

Cold algal wraps usually performed locally, on a certain area of ​​the body. Seaweed wrapping procedures relieve edema, improve the outflow of the lymphatic fluid, reduce the feeling of fatigue.

When contrasting wrapping with algae, firstA hot wrap is used, and then an algal mask with a cooling cooling effect is superimposed on the same area of ​​the body. Contrast wraps are effective in the treatment of cellulite.

Preparation of algae for wrapping

Dry algae for hot wraps soaked in warmwater for 30 minutes, for cold wraps, in water at room temperature for 2-3 hours. Powdered dry algae soaked in hot water for 10-15 minutes. Approximately, 1 liter of water is taken for 100 grams of dry algae.

In order to make the effect of usingseaweed was maximum, it is necessary to impose them on properly prepared skin. Before the procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and wash off all kinds of cosmetics. And it is better to steam a body in a sauna or a hot bath and conduct a body peeling. Then the pores of the skin will be opened and the process of penetration of minerals through them will be greatly facilitated.

Contraindications to algae wrapping

Contraindications to seaweed wrapping are:

  • Feverish conditions, hyperthyroidism, expressed varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, severe course of diabetes and hypertension, cancer, sores.
  • Do not wrap during pregnancy, after a recent surgery with non-healing seams.
  • It is not recommended to perform the procedure of wraps immediately after epilation or in the presence of abrasions or rashes on the skin.
  • Algal wraps are contraindicated to those who have an allergy to iodine.

Dilute leaf algae. Apply seaweed to problem areas of the skinor on the whole body, like a compress. When applied to the back, it is better if you have an assistant. Cover the top with a plastic wrap and cover with a warm blanket.

To reduce stickiness, you can apply algae on the basis of one or two layers of gauze or a thin cotton cloth. Duration of the procedure is 40-60 minutes.

With algae removed, take a shower or wipe the skin with the remaining infusion of soaking.

The thalassotherapy course for a tangible result is 6-12 procedures daily or every other day. The course of algal wraps for weight loss spend once in 2-4 months.

One and the same mass of kelp can be used repeatedly, but no more than twice. In this case, the algae are placed in water until the next use. The maximum shelf life of algae is 4-5 days.

Wraps for weight loss it is better to spend in the evening, because after 18 hours the skin becomes the most active, therefore mineral substances will be assimilated best.

The concentrated solution remaining aftersoaking algae, can be used to rub the body, add to the bath, use it to prepare nutritious masks, cleanse the skin of the face and neck.

When wiping, it is necessary to grind the body wellinfusion of kelp, then wrapped in a sheet for 40-60 minutes. The bath with laminaria perfectly moisturizes the skin (do not wipe the skin with a towel, let it dry itself). With fading skin, an excellent tonic - ice cubes from the infusion of laminaria. You can use them to wipe your face and chest.

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To combat cellulite and weight loss the most effective - algal wraps.

The products of the GUAM line consist of naturalnatural ingredients, the main of which are algae. Seaweed normalizes the balance of the skin, has an intense moisturizing effect, deeply nourishes, strengthens, mineralizes and cleanses all layers of the skin.
The composition also includes recognized anti-cellulite components: horse chestnut, ivy, lemon, clay, oregano, menthol, ficus.
Algal wraps should be used only twice a year to avoid the formation of cellulite.

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