Oil against edema

Two thousand years ago, Eastern healersused a variety of aromas to treat many diseases: epilepsy, mental disorders and just to improve mood. Now this practice is also successfully used, almost all famous companies use essential oils against cellulite. How does it work and whether it is possible to create good means for losing weight on the basis of air at home?

Principle of action of essential oils

Our whole body depends on the work of the headthe brain. From the organs of all systems every second on the nerve endings in the brain receive signals. Depending on these signals, we experience different sensations: back pain, butterflies in the abdomen, etc. But scientists have proved that many functions of different systems of the human body can be activated without direct influence on the organs, for example sound or smell. For example, having sensed a smell from the dentist's office, we on the subconscious level prepare ourselves for unpleasant sensations, and therefore the tooth can get absolutely groundless. So why not apply this practice for weight loss?

Essential oils help with cellulite, theyopen the pores of the skin, remove toxins and radionuclides, a pleasant smell helps to relax after a hard working day. Many masseurs recommend that they be used regularly, and it is not necessary to hold a massage session, it is quite simply enough to rub the skin with cream with a favorite smell, and over time it will become much more elastic, and the mood will always be on top.

What oils and how to use them properly

Consider how to use essential oils against cellulite. The very first and easiest way to apply is rubbing into the skin. Against cellulite is recommended use the following oils:

  1. Geranium helps to cope with swelling and make the skin more elastic;
  2. Orange Oil It is used for chronic cellulitis, it moisturizes the skin, promotes the healing of stretch marks and wounds;
  3. Lemon oil is a very powerful antioxidant. In addition to the fact that it is much easier to concentrate with it, the useful substances that contain this oil perfectly burn fat deposits, so the lemon for weight loss is so popular. Also, this tool is recommended for use in frostbite, poor blood circulation, cracks in the hands and problem skin;
  4. Against edemas is often used and rosemary butter. After it from the skin begins to actively excrete moisture through sweat, and the cost of an order of magnitude lower than similar homeopathic medicines;
  5. During treatment for cellulite, skin can beonly to get rid of the disgusted "orange peel", but also to acquire resilience. With its help you can get rid of wrinkles and eliminate flabbiness of the skin, more often it is the cream on its basis used after honey massage;
  6. In sexology, often used essential oil ylang-ylang. This tool helps to return the passion, improvemood and create a romantic atmosphere. When used in cream, this means can protect the dermis from harmful external factors, moisturize dry skin with cellulite;
  7. If only the primary signs of the disease are seen, then one can anoint the problem areas oil of pink trees but either petigrenic. These remedies improve muscle tone, increase the elasticity of the skin, fight with stretch marks and wrinkles. They are widely used to improve the elasticity of the chest and thighs;
  8. Tea tree oil is one of the few products that can be applied to the skin in its pure form, it disinfects and heals wounds well, speeds up the metabolic processes.

Now, after we have decided what exactly we will use, remember regulations. never apply oil to the skin in a cleanform, only diluted with water or a favorite cream, you can use olive oil instead of these products, it softens the effect of ethereal. The most optimal option is to prepare yourself a "beater" in advance for several times. On average, you need to take 15 drops of essential oil and three tablespoons of the base (water, cream or olive).

Also, you can not pour oil in its pure form into a bath,it is better to mix it with a special salt or foam, so there will be no oil stains along the rim of the container, and the agent will evenly split over the entire surface of the water.

Application of mixtures of essential oils

Of course, using a single agent, it is possible to achieve the effect, but in combination, and even better, combining mixed oils, we combine their actions, which only positively affects the skin.

One of the most successful blends in cosmetology is the combination of bergamot, grapefruit, nutmeg, cinnamon and geranium oil. Total we need:

  • bergamot and grapefruit: 10 drops each;
  • nutmeg: 5;
  • geranium oil: 8;
  • cinnamon oil: 3.

All carefully mix and add to your favoritecream, but it is better to take olive oil. And after a turpentine bath. we apply this mixture to the problem areas. Light circular motions are rubbed into the skin, having a special effect on the places of the main fat accumulations. This self-massage lasts half an hour.

If turpentine is contraindicated, then you can simply conduct skin scrubbing, using peeling from coffee or grapes. This we observe one thing important requirement of etheric therapy. oil is applied only to clean skin, the surface of the dermis is already stuffed with dead cells and oil can not be completely absorbed through the pores.

Against stretch marks and cellulite it is recommended that a combination of simplecomponents: almond oil and orange. Mix 1: 1, and as a basis, add three tablespoons of cream or lotion. Almond is used as a natural solvent, it is very easy to mix different oil components, as well as this oil moisturizes and cleanses the skin well.

In addition to massage after a shower you need to doanti-cellulite wraps. When using essential oils against cellulite, this procedure becomes simple, as never before. You need to prepare a terry towel, blanket, cream, suitable oil and food film. Dilute the cream oil or a complex of oils, in a proportion of 1: 3, mix very well. We put on the skin of the legs from the ankles and to the waist, wrapped in a film, covered with a blanket and lie-relax for half an hour. After the oil is almost completely absorbed into the skin, and on the surface of the dermis can be seen dark divorce - this is the toxins that were pulled out through the pores.

A good effect can easily be achieved by combiningchocolate wrap and aromatherapy. In combination with black chocolate, you can use the essential oils of cinnamon - against cellulite and to raise the mood nothing better and do not come up. To do this, just add a few drops of ether to the finished chocolate mixture (for a spoonful of chocolate, five drops of oil), mix well and apply to the body.

If chocolate is an allergy, then you can useblue clay from cellulite. The price of this tool is more than affordable, and the effect appears within a month. Just add a few drops of oil (or mixture) to the mineral oil, and apply to the skin. You can just make masks, and you can wrap. In any case, the skin after two weeks of regular use will become more elastic, moisturize, stretch marks will begin to disappear.

What oils to use for aromatic baths

Such bathing procedures for weight lossit is recommended to spend two or three times a week, and preferably at every opportunity. The bath should be taken at a hot temperature - somewhere 38 ° C - 40 ° C. But it is recommended in this case to stir aromatic oils not in salt or shower gel, but in kefir.

Kefir for weight loss is the first way to fightwith cellulite on the hips and buttocks. Thanks to such a base, the aromatic mixture will quickly absorb into the skin, and in addition to the useful essential substances, a protective layer of milk proteins is formed on our dermis.

For making baths against cellulite, you canTry the essential oils of geranium, bergamot and lavender. But in some regions they are difficult to get, so this mixture can be replaced with no less effective citrus oils: grapefruit, orange, mandarin.

Very often, aromatic baths are taken not so much to lose weight, as with desire to overcome appetite. and, moreover, they act no worse than products,reducing appetite. Psychologists have proved that color perception and smells affect all systems of the human body. For example, blue color affects the work of the stomach so that a person ceases to experience a strong sense of hunger, the same effect and the aroma of eucalyptus, fir, sandalwood. Therefore, before eating, light an aromatic lamp, let the apartment fill with your favorite aroma, and a pleasant smell will help overcome a strong sense of hunger.

The same properties are found in the oils of the receiver and peppermint, but in addition they also help to calm down, to find emotional balance, and this sometimes is not enough after a hard working day.

Precautions for aromatherapy

When taking care of yourself, you must not forget about safety. A few rules that must be observed:

  1. Do not apply clean oils to the skin, no matter how flattering you have read. This is very harmful, and you can get a burn;
  2. Preliminary need to consult withdoctor for allergies. Many essential oils against cellulite (orange, lemon, grapefruit) are strong allergens. If when you smell, tearing your eyes, a fit of coughing or sneezing is an allergy, change the oil to another;
  3. If you need to buy a quality product, it is better to use the services of a pharmacy, rather than specialized stores.