Polidex from edema

adenoids located somewhere on the auditory tube ((somehow the doctor said so). Already 2 times the usual acute respiratory viral infection ended with otitis media. Now a month the garden fell ill the second time in a row. The first time I had to drink sumamed. Now he just snores very much, his nose snorts terribly, the temperature jumps from normal to 37.2. We came to LOR in Filatovka. Have looked. Have told or said an adenoiditis on a background of a garden. And they prescribed rhinoflamucin + POLYDEX. The child feels fine - except for snoring and shortness of breath, everything is ok. We bought this polydex, but the hand does not rise to drip it - it will kill there all the flora in the nose. And then there will be a classic painful child from any sneeze nearby. Polidex was prescribed to reduce adenoids and that there was definitely no otitis (What should I do? The doctor listen or myself? (((
already worn out (12/04/2011 Su 17:07)

damn, read POLINDEKSA :))) I thought the hallucinations started :)
Spark © (05.12.2011 Mon 16:03)

you really choose. We also treated the younger polidex, because nothing else helped, all in moderation.
Innochka © (05.12.2011 Mon 14:45)

we splash the second week according to the prescribed scheme, the child at times became easier to breathe, ttt
homa (Dec 12, 2011 Mon 09:13 am)