Removal of edema in arthritis

Arthritis of the joints of the fingers is one of the most common articular pathologies

Treatment of arthritis of the fingers is a complex and lengthy process.
Its main goal is to relieve inflammation and stop pain. Conservative therapy of this ailment is carried out with the help of medicinal and non-medicinal classical techniques.
Also, non-traditional and popular methods of treatment proved to be quite good.
In severe forms of arthritis (in advanced stages), surgical intervention is recommended.

Unfortunately, arthritis at the present stage is considered an incurable pathology, and there is no panacea for this ailment. However, with adequate and timely treatment, it is possible to prevent the development of the pathological process and relieve aggravation.

  1. To relieve the inflammatory process in the treatment of arthritis of the hands, patients are prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Note: not so long ago in the pharmaceutical market appeared selective anti-inflammatory drugs, which act much softer, have fewer contraindications, and less often cause adverse reactions from the gastrointestinal tract than classic NSAIDs.

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  • However, the treatment of arthritis joints of the fingers provides for the use of basic slow-acting anti-inflammatory drugs that slow the degenerative-dystrophic process.
  • To reduce or prevent developmentjoint inflammation, some experts recommend the use of TNF inhibitors. These are artificially synthesized drugs that inhibit the activity of tumor necrosis factor (anti-inflammatory cytokine).
  • With the development of infectious arthritis, the patient is obliged to prescribe antibacterial therapy.
  • To eliminate pain, it is recommended that non-narcotic analgesics be taken.
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    Many patients are interested in how to treat arthritisfingers in the stage of remission. After eliminating the pain and inflammation, experts recommend taking a course of massage sessions, as well as performing special exercises of exercise therapy for the hands.

    Recommendation: As a rule, such gymnastic exercises are accompanied by severe pain, and therefore, it is recommended to perform them under water (during the bath). Warm water removes puffiness and muscle spasms.

    Of the physiotherapy procedures, the most useful are electrophoresis with novocaine or phonophoresis with analgin.
    At the same time, arthritis of the wrist and fingers is well treated with paraffin or mud applications, as well as weak X-ray irradiation.
    To restore the mobility of joints, alternative medicine is recommended for acupuncture sessions.

    A warning! All these procedures can be performed only at the stage of remission of the disease.

    For the removal of inflammation and joint pain, folk healers recommend such compresses and lotions:

    1. Kashitsa from grated onions. It must be applied for half an hour to the affected joint, repeating this procedure several times during the day.
    2. A sheet of white cabbage should be discarded until the juice is isolated and applied to the diseased joints.
    3. From the infusion of wormwood (a spoonful of grass to a glass of boiling water), prepare a compress.
    4. Also well relieve arthritic pain compresses from the crushed leaves of burdock and dandelion.
    5. In the pharmacy you can buy essential oil of sandalwood, St. John's wort or marigold. They are added to warm water and they make warming hands for 15-20 minutes.

    Very popular in people rubs, which help to relieve pain, inflammation and swelling:

    • The perfect remedy for arthritis is a mixture of sunflower oil and bleached oil (1: 1). This mixture is rubbed with hands before going to bed.
    • Tincture from bark cherry bark (50 grams of crushed dry bark is filled with a glass of vodka). The mixture is insisted for a week, after which it rubs the affected joints twice a day (morning and evening).

    Herbal infusions for internal use, recommended by folk healers in the treatment of arthritis:

      • Well soothes pain in the joints of decoction of the roothorseradish. For its preparation, take 1 kg of horseradish and 4 liters of water. After boiling, this agent must be boiled for 5 minutes and cooled. In a strained broth add 500 grams of honey and take one glass a day.
      • Infusion from the leaves of black currant is prepared from 5 grams of dry raw materials and a glass of boiling water. Insist 20 minutes, drink like tea.
      • It is very useful in the treatment of arthritis tea fromstrawberries, thyme and St. John's wort, as well as infusions of flax seed, nettle, cranberry leaves, marigold petals and St. John's wort. To take such drugs you need half the glass several times during the day.
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    Recommendation: when treating herbs, you must protect your hands from hypothermia and try to avoid excessive stress.