Symptoms of edema in adults

Edema Quincke photo symptoms and treatment - it's aboutThis is now going to be a speech. As a rule, in the circles of people who are not related to medicine, the usual opinion is that the allergy, though unpleasant, but absolutely not a dangerous disease, consists mainly in such symptoms as watery eyes, cough, rashes on the skin, etc. Unfortunately, allergy sufferers can face not only such symptoms, but in a matter of minutes be on the verge of death if it is a question of such an allergy as Quincke's edema. In this case, it is important that the patient receives timely and correct help from others.

Edema Quincke photo symptoms and treatment

When swelling Quincke from the effects on the body of various allergens, swelling of the skin, mucous membranes of the face, neck, hands, legs develops.

Swelling of internal organs and joints is less common.

The most serious and dangerous are edema of the pharynx, larynx, which restrict air access and can lead to death.

Quincke's edema from what arises?

  1. Separate food products: eggs, fish, Bulgarian pepper, milk.
  2. Food preservatives, flavor enhancers.
  3. Medications.
  4. Insect bites (bees, wasps).
  5. Flower pollen in the season of flowering plants.
  6. Dust.
  7. Cosmetic and hygienic products with odor.
  8. Weather factors are bright sun rays or cold.

Predict in advance what can become an allergenfor this or that person, it is impossible. The organism of each is individual. And if it has minor allergic reactions, for example, to citrus fruits, then it may very well be that the fruit will be the only allergen.

Medical statistics say that peak hitspatients with edema Quincke for emergency care happens in the flowering season of most plants and during the holidays, when the diet of a person can change significantly.

The emergence of allergies can be facilitated even by what are pasted or painted walls in the room - you will learn about this from this article.

Symptoms of angioedema in adults

With minor swelling of the lips and hands, patients themselves come to the doctors for help. But with more serious swelling of allergic people around you need to immediately call an ambulance.

When spreading the edema to internal organs, the patient may complain about:

When the genitourinary system is affected, the following can be observed:

  • difficulty in outflow of urine;
  • burning and swelling of the genitals;
  • pain in the lower abdomen.

With edema of the larynx and respiratory tract of the patient:

  • covers anxiety;
  • dyspnea occurs;
  • cough;
  • the face acquires a blue tint.

At this moment, every minute is important for the patient, so the dispatcher needs to report symptoms.

What to do with Quincke's swelling

Before the arrival of the medical team, it is important first of all to calm the patient, open the windows or take him to fresh air to facilitate breathing, break off contact with the alleged allergen.

In the place of edema, if possible, put ice or cooling compress, give the patient an anti-allergic drug.

With minor swelling, medication is enough, in more serious situations, an injection or dropper is required.

After the use of medicines, swelling occurs within a few hours or a day completely.

A radical way to save the patient's life with a significant swelling of the larynx is tracheoscopy: dissection of the larynx for air access from the outside.

To avoid the recurrence of dangerous symptoms after the first attack, you need to constantly monitor the patient for contact with the allergen.

And what help to provide if a person has an allergic contact dermatitis you will learn from this article.

What you can eat with Quinck's swelling

With food allergies, it is recommended thatExclude from the diet a product that causes allergies and use caution with products with a similar composition (after detecting an allergen, the patient is given a list of prohibited products).

If the allergen is pollen or dust, followBefore visiting dangerous places take appropriate drugs and always keep them with you. If the allergen is a medicinal product, the attending physician should make a note about this in the patient's hospital card and prescribe an analogue of the medication.

When introducing complementary foods to young childrenit is strongly recommended in the first weeks to purchase or independently prepare food from hypoallergenic products. And products of an elevated allergenic group (carrots, tomatoes, citrus fruits) should be driven strictly according to age, with the utmost care and small portions, carefully observing the reaction of the body.

And now watch a video about how not to die from Quincke's swelling:

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