Causes of Edema

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  • This type of cyst is quite common, as a benign neoplasm of the organ. Suffer.
  • Women's breasts. How many myths and prejudices are associated with it. Modern society does not like.
  • Rhinoplasty is an operation to correct the resulting or congenital defects of the nose or its complete.
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  • Doctors diagnose osteoarthritis (OA) on the basis of clinical examination, as well as those present.
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  • Liposuction is an operation, using it to remove fat deposits by surgical intervention.
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Diabetes A chronic disease in whichthe body stops absorbing sugar and glucose. As a result of the disease, the concentration of non-digestible sugar in the blood greatly increases. There are only two reasons for raising blood sugar, they conduct to two types diabetes mellitus :

The pancreas must producea sufficient amount of the insulin hormone, with the participation of which glucose is converted into energy. If insulin is not produced enough, the body tissues begin to feel a lack of energy, and there is a forced processing of body fat reserves, the cleavage of which produces toxic substance acetone. Acetone gradually accumulates in the body, destroys the kidneys, ceases to produce antibodies, resulting in reduced immunity. A person is weakened by lack of energy, he has to make constant injections of insulin in order to make him feel normal.

Such a disease is called insulin-dependent diabetes. Very often the disease is inherited.

In the second type of disease, muscle tissuethe body ceases to use insulin produced by the pancreas, the body cells cease to receive the necessary glucose. Insensitivity of muscle tissue to insulin is called insulin resistance, which can also be a congenital deficiency and is inherited. Another factor of insulin-independent diabetes is overweight.

What unpleasant consequences should be feared with diabetes?

Any serious illness, if eaten untreated, can lead to irreparable results. Let's list some unpleasant consequences of diabetes :

- partial or total blindness that occurs when the retina is destroyed.

- Renal insufficiency, taking up life in 20% of diabetics.

- diabetic neuropathy. which manifests itself in the destruction of nerves in the limbs. The initial symptoms are tingling, numbness, or weakness in the legs.

One of the unpleasant consequences of diabetes is diabetic foot syndrome. in which the damaged nerves and vessels cease to regularly supply the foot tissue. This leads to a change in the tissues of the feet, called diabetic foot syndrome .

Symptoms of the manifestation of diabetic foot syndrome:

- numbness of feet, feet freeze

- Burns in the legs at night

- muscle atrophy. Legs lose sensitivity

- even small wounds do not heal well

- peeling and dryness of the skin on the legs

- a person has pain in the legs

- tingling in the legs gradually leads to their edema

Causes of foot edema in diabetes:

- Against the backdrop of a prolonged course of the disease, the kidneys are destroyed and a nephrotic syndrome manifests itself edema of the feet .

- Violation of blood circulation in the legs is the consequence of the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels that interfere with the free flow of blood.

What can be the effects of foot swelling in diabetes?

It is very dangerous, when even the most insignificant leg injury with diabetes mellitus do not heal and gradually turn into ulcers. The appearance of such an unpleasant disease as osteomyelitis (suppuration of the bones) which can lead to gangrene of the extremities and their subsequent amputation.

Because the diabetes refers to endocrine diseases. preventive measures to prevent itare reduced basically to observance of the certain diet. The food should be rational, the optimal combination of fats, proteins and carbohydrates should enter the human body every day. In addition to eating well prevention of diabetes is a uniform physical activity as well as walking in the fresh air.

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