Decrease in edema

Dropsy appears in the second halfpregnancy. In the vast majority of cases, edema develops in primiparas, in women of a broad, picnic type, in which subcutaneous fat is abundantly developed. The swelling is symmetrical on each side. Begin swelling from the ankles, and then go to the lower leg, thighs, abdominal wall, external genitalia, etc., capturing gradually the entire body. The face becomes puffy, the eyelids swell, the facial features become sharper, coarser. Sometimes you can observe the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal and pleural cavities. The amount of fluid retained in the body can reach 10-15 liters.

Edema begins much earlier than itsnotice; edema appears to be preceded by a stage of latent edema. To detect the appearance of latent edema, and also to observe its further development can only be by frequent re-weighing of the pregnant woman.

The swelling of the pregnant women develops as a result ofintoxication on the soil of pregnancy. The appearance of symmetrically located edema requires the most attentive attitude; if you do not take timely preventive measures, then swelling accrues with the development of pregnancy extremely quickly, then there is a protein in the urine, shortness of breath, and in a severe pre-eclampsia state, the patient must be hospitalized.

In some cases, swelling is predominantlydevelops on the outer genital parts, especially on the large and small lips, the clitoris; the skin is stretched, stretched and shiny as much as possible, and when pressed with a finger, a deep fossa is obtained. The patient experiences pain, lies in a forced position on his back, legs wide apart.

When dropsy of pregnant women it is necessary to observedaily diuresis and for weight. When swelling on the legs, you need to measure the circumference of the shin in several places and make appropriate marks on them with a chemical pencil and record the measurement results there; repeating daily measurements at the same places, get a picture of the dynamics of edema.

The increase in body weight and the increase in the volume of the tibia indicate an increase in edema.

Edema on the shin is recognized by pressing on the inner surface of the tibia, since there are no muscles here and after pressing there remains a pit that gradually fades.

When the edema subsides, diuresis increases to 2-3 litersper day, and the weight of the patient decreases. Every 2-3 days, urine must be examined for protein and uniform elements. A dropsy, not complicated by nephropathy, quickly passes under the influence of rest and regimen.

Edited by prof. V.A. Polubinsky

Article "Development of edema and dropsy in pregnant women" from the section Pregnancy and childbirth