Treatment of edema in fractures

- seven bone fractures,

- gypsum from the neck to the wrist,

- a powerful edema under the cast,

- Constant tingling of the hand (as otlezhal)

and TOTAL TWO SESSIONS treatment with bioptron lamp light.

Here is a striking example from my practice of 2009 on the treatment of a fractured hand with the bioptron light.

The guy on January 19, 2009 in the factory receivednumerous fractures of the hand (7 fractures), his hand was tightened into the machine. Gypsum from neck to hand. The nerve endings on his arm were hurt, his fingers did not move. An edema of the plaster part of the arm began. Gypsum kept the edema from overgrowing, but the palm remained open. Swelling in March, when he came to see a doctor, was such that the open palm looked like a boxing glove.

Tingling of the entire hand was constantly going on, as iflied. Lighted the Bioptron Pro1 lamp on the palm (since the rest of the hand is plastered) 8 minutes and face 6 minutes. Light therapy on the palm has caused frank surprise at the guy: after all it not places of fractures. In the evening the victim called me and said that the tingling had stopped, it meant only one thing - the edema decreases. After the second session on the next day in the evening - another call with unexpected news: the edema decreased so much that the hand in the casts began to turn. Nobody expected this result.

The most interesting is that the victim was confinedTWO sessions, which was enough to start the process of accelerated recovery of a damaged arm. As a result, the gypsum was removed not at the end of July, but June 3. The movement of the fingers was restored completely.

- decreased edema, which led to a decrease in squeezing the surface of the hand;

- Pain syndrome decreased;

- microcirculation of blood was restored, which led to the restoration of supply of oxygen to the sites of damage, and what else is needed to restore

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Light therapy BIOPTRON can be used asadditional treatment in conjunction with traditional medical methods, and as a monotherapy for certain indications. However, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before applying BIOPTRON Light Therapy to get professional advice about whether you are recommended for this type of treatment or if you need another medical method.

14 Comments and Reviews About Publication "Treatment of a Fracture of the Hand at One-Two"

Yesterday my mother fractured her lateral knuckles at her feet. Today put a plaster cast. There is a small swelling. A few months after the stroke. How to treat a fracture with a bioptron

Hello, Ivan!
Let's start in order. Due to the fact that the fracture site is plastered, we shine (from a distance of 10 cm with Bioptron Compact III or Bioptron Pro1 lamps, from a distance of 15 cm - Bioptron 2) on the popliteal fold, since here the effect is on the blood, which in this place flows closest to the surface of the skin. Blood becomes medicine that reaches the site of the fracture. As a result, edema subsides, pain decreases, microcirculation improves, leading to accelerated healing of the fracture.
Write an email address, send a picturewith points for the recovery of post-stroke patients. I tested this technique on my father with amazing results from the FIRST session. Write a review about the results of treatment.

Please write how to treat after a micro-stroke. I gave my mother ears for 4 minutes, she is worse. Does a relative have hands that are numb, in this case, what to do?

Hello, Valentine! I sent a picture to your e-mail with marks of all points for the treatment of stroke.
Write in more detail about the problem of a relative: what diagnosis was made to him.

Hello!A month and a half ago, I cut the flexor tendon of the big toe, had an operation, put on a plaster, 2 weeks as a plaster was removed. But the leg is swollen, the finger does not want to bend. There is a lamp Bioptron, but I don’t know where to shine correctly, how much time and if at all.

Hello Marina!
It was necessary to shine from the first day after the operation. Healing would have been faster and easier. Now you have to spend more time to fix the problem.
We shine on the place of operation and on the popliteal fold with10 cm distance for 6-8 minutes 2-3 times a day. Most likely, during the glow you will feel the changes that will occur with your injury. Surprisingly, under the action of light, changes begin even in perennial injuries.
Write about the results. Just be patient and believe in the final result.

Hello. I am 22 years old.I broke my arm (humerus). The fracture was broken. On 19.11.11, I had an operation after three days, but the bone did not grow together. I had a second operation after 3 months. langete The question is whether the bone of the Ved will grow together THANK

Hello! Please tell me which points to shine with stroke and numbness of the hands (diabetes, angeopathy)

I have a big professional bioptron witha rainbow of health. Recently, I had a micro stroke, according to previously written announcements, you have already sent out treatments. I would be very grateful if you could help me. I also have pressure that jumps both downwards and upwards, if you have methods for treating this ailment, you can also send them

Method of treatment. Hypertension
1) 4 min. on the pulse projection area on the left hand;
2) 4 min. eyebrow area;
3) for 2 minutes on the area of ​​the right and left temple.
4) 6 min. occiput area (along the hairline)
1-2 times a day. V. clearance 5 cm. The course is individual.
After the procedure, there is a decrease in blood pressure from the original by 20 mm. Hg

Method of treatment. Hypotension
4-6 min per area BA (at the hairline) 1 - 2 times a day. V. clearance 5 cm. The course is individual.
Treatment Oxy - spray the face area before and after the procedure.
After the procedure, the increase in blood pressure by 10-15 mm. Hg Art.

Good morning! Son broke wrist. broken bones in the area closer to the place between the thumb and index finger. Imposed plaster from elbow to fingers. Only fingers are open on the palm. There was swelling, the doctor put a langet when the swelling was asleep, put a plaster. Tell me where you can shine to speed up the accretion of bones. The doctor is afraid that can not grow together

In your case you need to shine on the elbow bend,the light affects the depth up to 3 cm. After removing the plaster, you will shine directly at the fracture site. 4-6 minutes 2-3 times a day from a distance of 10 cm.


Light will not affect your bolts. Even a thin device like a pacemaker did not react to daily sessions for a long period of time.
Bioptron in your case will help relieve painthe syndrome, will reduce swelling of the leg in the area of ​​the fracture, eliminating the inflammatory process from the possible rejection of metal by the body, will restore mobility. We shine a problem from a distance of 10 cm for 6-8 minutes until the problem is completely eliminated. Additionally, light therapy will help smooth out postoperative keloid scars. Lamp size does not matter, because The effect on the square centimeter is the same for all three modifications. The difference is that with an average Bioptron Pro 1 lamp, you capture an area 7 times larger than that of a compact, that is, using Bioptron kompakt III, spend more time with the same results.

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