Troxevasin from edema reviews

A very large number of the population notes thatby the end of the working day, not only the ankles but also the feet are swelling slightly, most often in the hot season. Often, edema is observed in pregnancy. most often on a long term. Under the swelling means swelling of the ankles and legs, which is noted in about seventy percent of future mothers. There is edema is not easy. The fact that during pregnancy in the body of a woman begins to develop the so-called additional blood, which is peculiar to provoke the development of this state. However, this is not the only reason. Sometimes swelling can be caused by the fact of growth of the uterus or excessive accumulation of fluid in the body. Despite the fact that in most cases this condition is completely safe for the future mother, it is still necessary to fight with its development, because at times because of swelling a woman can not simply take shoes.

What are the methods of fighting swelling during pregnancy?
There are many such methods. First of all, every pregnant woman should accustom herself to a mobile way of life. The less you move, the more fluid will accumulate in the legs. In addition, you should lie with your legs raised up. A number of special gymnastic exercises should be performed daily. Do not get involved in food. which include a fairly large amount of sodium, namely salted nuts and olives. On the day during pregnancy, you should drink at least three liters of liquid. And yet, it is desirable to buy yourself special tights with a high waistline and wear them every morning, before getting out of bed.

This is for general recommendations. It is also important to mention that with strong swelling it is possible to use the help of some pharmaceutical products, namely a drug called troxevasin. During pregnancy, the capsules of this medication are best replaced with gel or cream. Immediately note that through this drug can get rid of not only from edema, but also from the sensation of crawling in the gastrocnemius muscles, seizures. pigment spots on the skin of the legs, pain in the legs. In general, this drug can help to forget about many troubles.

Let's say more, this is a pharmaceuticalcan also be used to prevent this condition. Troxevasin in the form of a gel is absolutely safe not only for the future mummy, but for the fetus, so that it can be used at any time of pregnancy. The only thing to remember is that this drug as well as many other pharmaceuticals of the same spectrum of action have some contraindications to use that must be taken into account in any circumstances. And besides, besides the fact that troxevasin will help to remove puffiness, it will also relieve inflammation in case of its presence, and also will have a tonic effect on the smooth muscle of the veins walls. And importantly, this drug is not peculiar to leave stains on clothes.

Before use, consult a specialist.

Larisa February 18, 2011 10:24 am

I am a mother of three children, however, none of them haveI had no problems with my legs. All three pregnancies passed without edema, which makes me very happy, because otherwise I would have had a hard time. I very much sympathize with all those women who are concerned about this phenomenon. I've watched my older sister go out for bread in her husband's shoes during pregnancy, and that's because her leg did not fit into her shoes. It hinders enough to lead a normal life.

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