Goal Edema

Herniaria glabra L. folk names: hernia, dog soap, gland, thunder, ascetic) - annual plant of the clove family. Has a poorly developed root system. Stems thin, 10-15 cm long, strongly branched, spread along the surface of the soil. Leaves opposite, all-edged, yellowish-green, with ovoid, membranous, ciliate stipules. The flowers are small, yellowish-green, collected in a few-flowered glomeruli in the axils of the leaves. Fruits are single-seeded nuts in a cup. The plant blooms from June to September. Fruits ripen in August - October.

There is a hernia on dry, often stonyslopes of Eurasia. On riverine sands and gravels, sands of second terraces, and also as a weed on light soils. Large does not form a thicket, it is usually seen by non-small groups.

With a healing purpose, we use grass.

Chemical composition. The herb contains glycoside herniarin, herniarisaponin, paronihin alkaloid, heumarin, methyl umbelliferone ether, essential oil.

Action and application. Used as a diuretic. It is used in homeopathy. Hernia naked can be washed pets.

In folk medicine, the plant was applied in the forminfusion (as a diuretic) with edema of cardiac and renal origin. In the form of infusion - with inflammation of the bladder and kidneys, as well as in the treatment of nephrolithiasis and its prevention. In Ukraine, infusions and decoctions were drunk with pains in the stomach, gout, dropsy, rheumatism.

In Europe, the ancient healers used a hernia to heal wounds, with lung diseases, stones in the liver and gall bladder, with inflammatory diseases of the urinary system.

In Russia, externally (in the form of baths), the decoction of the plant was used to treat children with exudative diathesis and eczema.

Juice - in cosmetics in the form of masks.

The plant removes uric acid from the body and reduces pain after training in the gym.

We use herb nude herb as a diuretic for swelling.