Urine from edema

Igor Enlightened (29279) 6 years ago

Cranberry juice and what the doctor recommends.

Foreign doctors tend to consider swelling of pregnant women as a physiological phenomenon that does not require treatment. However, with the proviso that the protein in the urine and high blood pressure do not join the edema.

Russian midwives believe: swelling should be treated, since dropsy of pregnant women is the first stage of gestosis and 90% of cases after the swelling there is a protein in the urine and increased pressure. In time, the treatment started can prevent the dropsy in the subsequent stages of gestosis.

In agreement with the doctor who is treating you can drinkphyto-tea with diuretic properties (infusions of leaf bearberry or bear ears, field horsetail, kidney tea). A glass of infusion during the day for 3-4 meals (1 / 3-1 / 4 glasses at a time). The course lasts for 3-4 weeks.
Diuretics prescribe only with pronounced edema, and even then for a short while. It is impossible to take these funds on your own!

Swelling of the legs can be associated with varicose veinsan extension of the veins of the legs. In this case, future moms usually complain of pain, heaviness in the legs, fast fatigue when walking. Help antivaricose tights (stockings) for pregnant women (although expensive, but effective).

Galaktika Guru (3339) 6 years ago

Kefir is an easy, gentle diuretic. Coffee helped me, not strong, of course.

Queen Mudrets (18762) 6 years ago

Pregnancy and edema - 1 trimester: a healthy diet
Despite the fact that edema most often occur insecond half of pregnancy, already in the first trimester of a pregnant girl, especially if she is at risk for developing edema, (women with hypertension, kidney pathology, endocrine diseases). it is advisable to revise your diet a little. edema swelling

Edema during pregnancy and nutrition:

• Do not try to eat for two, because there is a definite connection between the increase in body weight and the appearance of edema;

• give preference to boiled products, but fried from your menu exclude.

So you will get a habit of healthy nutrition, and the gastrointestinal tract will be easier to digest food.
It would be good to refuse all sharp and smoked dishes - they cause a thirst.

If you are still irresistibly drawn to eat salted cucumbers or herrings - observe the measure: in a small amount, you can eat salty foods.
If you suspect a fluid retention, you need to calculate how much liquid you drink during the day (you should consider both the soup and fruit eaten) and how much you excrete in the urine. edema swelling

Normally, these numbers should coincide. In hot weather, you need to make a discount on fluid loss with sweat.

Swelling during pregnancy and fluids:

During this period of pregnancy, the fluid is not restricted.

You can drink as usual - up to 1,5-2 liters per day (this amount includes soup, and liquid from fruits, etc.). It is especially good to drink pregnant fruit drinks, compotes, juices, weak green tea.

If the future mother is at risk for developing edema, then perhaps the doctor will advise her not to consume more than 1.3 liters of fluid.

Pregnancy and edema - 2nd trimester: prevention of edema

(during this period it's time to take active prophylaxis of edema)

• Take herbal preparations that favorably affect kidney function: kidney tea, birch buds, cranberry leaves, corn stigmas, etc.
• Often eat dried apricots and raisins - they contain very important micro-cements: kadi, calcium and magnesium.
• Reduce the amount of salt - it's better to add different greens to the food. It contains so many mineral salts, especially sodium and potassium.
• Drink up to 1-1.2 liters of fluid per day and try not to exceed this amount.

Pregnancy and edema - 3rd trimester: some limitations

At this time, in order to prevent swelling or reduce the existing ones, the pregnant woman will have to observe certain restrictions.
• in the third trimester of pregnancy, doctors are alreadyrecommend that all mothers salt meals at a minimum - salt should not be consumed more than 5 g per day, as it causes thirst, and excessive drinking can lead to stagnation of fluid in the body.
• As in the 2nd trimester, do not eat more than 1 literof fluid per day, and for a couple of weeks or even a month before delivery, when the likelihood of edema is greatest, you need to drink less - only 700-800 ml per day.
• Instead of the usual coffee and tea, drink milk and sour milk drinks, such as yoghurt, kefir.
• if swelling does occur, do not forgetinclude in its rannion products that have a diuretic effect: broth of wild rose, diluted beet juice, parsley and blackberry juice, lettuce leaves, figs, walnuts, black chokeberry.

As you can see, the nutritional restrictions that must be observed during pregnancy in order to prevent edema are few.

In addition, they are completely justified: the kidneys will not experience increased stress, and you will feel fine.

Olga K. Orakul (96134) 6 years ago

Pregnant women even recommend drinking green tea. And for my mother it is useful, and for the future baby. And the diuretic is good.
Cranberry or cowberry mors, or juice
And they turn out the water with water. We were forced to eat watermelon. That's helped!
But for watermelons is not the time. And lie, legs do not wall higher. This, in general, all is well.

Julya Orakul (87094) 6 years ago

And your doctor, that's on vacation.

YliaBelonog Profi (620) 6 years ago

The doctor prescribed to me I drank a decoction of cranberry leaves,helped me. And about green tea I do not agree, she always drank it, but during pregnancy threw it, it interferes with the absorption of folic acid, and hemoglobin depends on it.

Natalia Master (1813) 6 years ago

Itself in the same situation, began to swell the legs the other day already to the doctor, but decided to see what they advise on the Internet, that's found the advice, now I try: do not limit the amount of water you drink;
- Gel from edema (eg AVENT);
- cool water (legs in the basin for 20 minutes, and then raise above the level of the head);
- foot massage (rub well with a washcloth);
- Kidney tea and other herbal preparations only on the recommendation of a doctor;
- drink a glass of hot milk for the night, oneday in a week on apples and juice and try to brew dried apricots at night, and in the morning the first thing to drink water from it and the next 30-40 minutes is nothing to eat or drink;
- ordinary tea with lemon without sugar or just water with a slice of lemon;
- cranberry compote;
- To remove the engagement ring and do not wear it until after birth;
Diuretics can not be categorically used. Maybe you can help.

Margo K Profi (626) 3 months ago

probably all the same with kidney problems, I also had, gave birth to all edema