Temperature from swelling

Edema is a fairly common phenomenon inpregnant women, usually observed in the last trimester. It occurs as a result of increased pressure in the veins of the legs, excessive accumulation of fluid and sodium in the body, as well as the negative impact of the growing uterus on the veins of the pelvis. To ease the condition, try to move as much as possible - when swelling sedentary lifestyle is strictly contraindicated. If possible, do an easy exercise, preferably in the morning and in the evening. Try to minimize the pastime in hot places, do not go unnecessarily from home to the lunchtime sunshine.

Do not limit yourself in any way.drinking water. If the body does not receive the required volume of fluid, it will try to keep it, which will significantly aggravate puffiness. On the day, drink at least 3 liters taking into account the first dishes, do not abuse fizzy and sweet drinks.

Revise your diet, your task -maximum limit intake of table salt. Ideally, its amount should not exceed 1.5 grams per day. If the puffiness becomes systematic, consult a specialist about the salt-free diet. Do not forget to exclude from your menu smoked products, spices and all kinds of spicy dishes that cause thirst. Be especially careful with foods rich in sodium, such as salted nuts and olives.

Every day lie for at least 15 minutes withThe feet are slightly above the hips. Do not sit cross-legged, as this significantly worsens blood circulation, which often leads not only to swelling, but also to the formation of blood clots. Ask someone to regularly give you a foot massage, the maximum effect can be achieved with light movements in the direction from the foot to the knees.

To relieve swelling, you can takequite popular method of alternative medicine. Apply to the feet pre-cooled cabbage leaves. When they become warm, remove them and replace them with fresh ones from the refrigerator. Cabbage leaves help draw out excess fluid. A similar effect has tea from the roots of a dandelion. However, be careful, during pregnancy is not recommended to get involved in herbal decoctions.

A bath with sea salt effectively helps to reduce swelling of the legs during pregnancy. It is important that the water temperature in it ranged from 25 to 35 degrees.

Swelling in pregnant women is enoughoften. And if in the first two trimester of pregnancy many future mothers manage to avoid this condition, then the diagnosis of "gestosis" on the 7th and the following month is put to many. To facilitate this state is possible if you follow certain rules.

First of all, eat those foods,which do not cause increased thirst. That is why during pregnancy it is recommended to abstain from acute, canned and salted. Especially in those cases when it comes to a dense and satisfying supper. Such a situation is almost 100% guaranteed morning recovery with swollen legs, hands and eyelids.

Prophylaxis of edema is simpler than their treatment. Therefore, it is much easier to control the amount of fluid consumed and allocated (otherwise this process is called a diuresis), rather than than taking a course of medication every day. In the case when the desire to drink prevails over all the others and does not fit into the time frame, you can try to rinse your mouth with water in the evening or take a small sip of green tea at intervals of 15-20 minutes.

Normalization of the food system is often enoughhelps prevent excessive swelling. To do this, you need to eat a sufficient number of dishes containing calcium daily. It will also help to take appropriate vitamins, but they also need to be coordinated with the leading pregnancy by a gynecologist.

In order for the kidneys to cope more successfully withincreased loads, try herbal teas. A leaf of dried cowberry is especially successful. But before using this tool, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Until then, how to seek an answer to the question ofhow to get rid of edema in a pregnant woman, you need to understand the reasons for their appearance. Since the growing fetus eats and gets rid of waste of life only through the mother's body, the kidneys do not always cope with the increased load on them. This is especially true in those cases when the future mother initially had problems with the kidneys.

In no case can you get rid of swelling with medications, they can negatively affect the fetus.

Swelling, which appeared on an early date - before the 20thweeks, can signal the presence of any latent disease. In this case, pregnancy is a "push" to identify the disease, which is associated with an increased burden on the diseased organ. In this regard, the pregnant woman should be carefully examined, paying special attention to the kidneys and heart.

To slightly reduce swelling, you can useSpecial pantyhose with high waist. Dress them in the morning, before the future mother gets out of bed. Thus, the blood will not begin to stagnate in the ankles.