The teeth were pulled out of the cheek

The procedure for tooth extraction refers toThe surgical intervention, the outcome of which is rather difficult to predict. Because this process depends on various factors, such as, for example, the professionalism of the doctor, the characteristics of the patient's body and compliance with all recommendations.

Often, after removal, the cheek swells and thisa tumor may not pass for several days. What should I do if my cheek is swollen after tooth extraction? An experienced specialist should immediately warn you about the possibility of a swelling on the wound site, especially if the procedure is not without injuries and injuries.

There is a relationship, the harder it isremoval, the tumor becomes larger. The fact is that after removal, a blood clot should appear in the hole, which can not be removed. To avoid swelling on the cheek - do not eat solid foods, hot drinks, and alcohol. During sleep, keep your head in an upbeat state to avoid a rush of blood to the wound.

If the cheek is still swollen, then the first two days of worry is not worth it. After all, this tumor indicates the presence of a gum trauma. To reduce the swelling, the following methods will help you:

• One of the simplest and most accessible methods is coldcompress. For a compress, you can use a plastic container with cold water, an ice sheet or a towel soaked in cold water. Such a compress can be kept for 20 minutes, periodically changing it. It is not only able to remove swelling of tissues, but also to reduce pain.

• Often, edema appears in people withhigh blood pressure. And so it will be advisable after the removal procedure to take soothing and specific drugs that will lower the pressure. Such measures can indirectly affect swelling.

• Reduce edema can be and with the usual anti-decongestants. Lubricate the cheeks with them, as well as the place of the external swelling to relieve the pain.

• Often swelling causes pain. You can calm the wound if you lie down and breathe peacefully. Refrain from eating food or drink, just freeze. If the pain does not subside, take an analgesic or anti-inflammatory drug. As soon as the pain ceases, the swelling will begin to pass.

• Do not provoke a slight swelling in thecheek. After the procedure, you can not eat and drink. Do not put pressure on the place of edema, otherwise a quiet trauma will "wake up" and arrange demonstration performances.

If after removal of the tooth the cheek swelled up, the edema did not sleep within a day and in addition to all the fever rose, immediately consult a doctor.