Very swollen causes

I want to sympathize with people who haveperiodically swollen legs. Unpleasant condition. And it should be noted that it is very dangerous. After all, the swelling of any part of the body is a kind of sign that something went wrong in the body as it should. The most terrible thing is that the neglected swelling of any part of the body can lead to death. We propose to understand why the legs swell, and also tell us how to help ourselves.

Why do legs swell? Main reasons

First of all, why do swollen legs and hurt withthis. The reasons are abound. A hot season, fatigue, pregnancy can provoke swelling of the lower extremities. And the main reason for this is too weak veins. The main work of veins is to transport the blood flow to the heart muscle. Due to malnutrition, bad habits, passive lifestyle or simply natural aging of the body, the veins become weaker. They lose elasticity, and this causes a stagnation of blood, which over time manifests itself by the swelling of the legs. The main reason is known to us. But do not think that the problem can be associated only with the circulatory system. Among other reasons, doctors note flat feet, impaired metabolism, failure in the work of the kidneys. Also swollen legs after a heavy load on the limbs. For example, a person for a long time was in a standing position and at the same time did heavy physical work. Very often complain women who wear high-heeled shoes, swelling of feet and ankles.

Do not notice or do not recognize that much swelledlegs, hard. The extremities are inflated like balloons. The skin becomes bluish and transparent. If you press it with your finger and then release it sharply, a white trace will remain and the dimple does not immediately acquire a natural skin color. Many people swollen their legs, and this is accompanied by pain. Sometimes because of unpleasant sensations it is impossible even to step on foot.

If your legs swell constantly, you shouldsign up for an appointment with the doctor. Do not think that this is a random, isolated and temporary phenomenon. There is a possibility that something is working wrong in the body. And problems can be connected not only with veins. For example, if a young person has swollen lower leg, then it is worth checking with a cardiologist. It is possible that a diagnosis will be made related to heart failure. Vascular diseases are not excluded. Frequent swelling of the extremities in pregnant women in the third trimester or after childbirth.

What to do and how to help yourself?

Why the legs swelled, the cause is clear. Let's now figure out what to do and how to help yourself before consulting a doctor. The first thing you need to do is take a diuretic or drink tea, which will facilitate the natural removal of fluid from the body. Next, you need to lie down on a hard bed or sofa, and put a pillow under your knees and ankles. It is important that your legs are above your head. Doctors say that this position helps if the legs are swollen. The reason is related to the work of the heart muscle, do not waste time in vain, and call for an ambulance. Especially if you feel a dull pain left in the chest, in the armpit or you have a feeling that there is not enough air. Perhaps you bought the new heels on the eve and after walking in them the legs swelled. The reason is obvious. It's just the shoes. Before going to bed, pamper your feet with a cool bath with herbs or aromatic oils. Also, ice helps to swell the extremities in the form of a compress.

People say that garlic helps with swelling. It is necessary to first turn into a mush whole garlic head, after pour boiling water and insist for 20 minutes. Next, the cooled gruel rubs the swollen areas of the body and left for 30 minutes. After half an hour, the garlic mask is washed off, and with it disappears and swelling.