The skin of the penis is warm

Most often, the skin on the head of the penisdue to acute or chronic inflammation - balanoposthitis or balanitis. What is this disease and how to treat it? In most cases, these two diseases occur together.

Inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases of the glans penis and foreskin, as well as allergic diseases in modern medicine have been called - balonitis and balanoposthitis.

The causes of these diseases are very diverse:

  1. Sexual infections, with a known pathogen,
  2. Nonspecific inflammatory reactions, when the causative agent is unknown,
  3. As manifestations of various skin diseases,
  4. Allergic diseases involving any allergen.
  5. Viral infection.

The signs and symptoms of these diseases can be different, both local:

  • skin peeling on the glans penis,
  • itching, burning,
  • an unpleasant smell,
  • allocation under an extreme flesh,
  • reddening of the head,
  • papules, erosion, peelings, peeling,
  • edema, erosion and ulcers on the head,
  • painful urination.
  • premature ejaculation,

and common, spreading to the whole organism:

  • increased body temperature,
  • general malaise,
  • peripheral lymphadenitis,
  • spread of rash on other parts of the body,
  • pain in the joints, etc.

The disease is typical for men of any age.age, non-observance of personal hygiene rules, promiscuous sexual intercourse, and contacts with a sick partner, anal sex without a condom, phimosis, diabetes mellitus, reduced immunity, in men susceptible to allergic reactions and as a result of infection.

Before starting to treat any disease, a thorough examination of the patient is necessary.

In this case, laboratory and clinical methods of investigation are necessary:

  • sowing on the microflora,
  • serological test for syphilis,
  • blood for AIDS,
  • a study of blood glucose,
  • Allergist consultation and skin tests.

In accordance with the results, a treatment is prescribed, which includes:

  1. Daily hygiene of the penis, washing with warm running water with soap,
  2. Fighting infection by treating the penis with solutions of antiseptics (miramistin, chlorhexidine),
  3. Drugs of general effect for improving immunity.

If there is no possibility to consult a doctor quickly. it is necessary to make a bath with a weak solution of antiseptic and apply ointment (triderm or clotrimazole).

The disease can go to the chronic phase in the absence of treatment, and then unpleasant complications can develop, namely:

  • atrophy of the receptors of the penis and as a result, loss of sensitivity,
  • decreased potency and orgasm,
  • development of urethritis, soreness with urination.

In order to prevent these diseases,check the partner at the gynecologist and exclude her from infectious diseases, observe hygiene daily and undergo preventive examinations with a urologist.