Chewed after anesthesia

July 20, I treated the tooth. The doctor gave me an anesthetic injection and as she put it in the nerve, I immediately felt pinched in the ear, in the eye. Then the anesthetic worked and the treatment was normal. After the treatment the next day, the cheek where the prick went was sick like after a stroke, any gesturing on the face caused pain. A week later the pain subsided, but the tumor gradually passed over to the eye, during the day it passed to the cheek, after sleeping again by eye. I turned to this dentist, she prescribed me amoxiclav, after three days of admission, the swelling was gone, but the gums were swollen around the tooth that was being treated. The same doctor after the treatment said wait will pass. Snapshots of the teeth did, the teeth themselves do not hurt, only the non-tumor that is not lasting for the third week, will tell whether it's worth worrying or really soon everything will pass by itself?

Good afternoon! Sometimes after anesthesia complications occur - in the form of postinjection infiltrates (that is, in the form of a dense edema that does not dissolve well - as in your case). If the edema did not pass independently for 3 weeks, I would advise you to take Wobenzyme (enzymes) 5 tablets 3 times a day (drink 1 glass of water) 30 minutes before meals and also detralex 2 tablets 2 times a day. The effect is noticeable, as a rule, already on 2-3 days from the beginning of treatment. 7-10 days is often enough.

REFINING QUESTION 03/27/2013 Victoria Krugalova, Moscow

Good afternoon! I am a child of 11 years. My cheek hurts after the injection and after the dentist. Parents say that everything will pass, but everything hurts and hurts, it's very painful to live. Yawning hurt. What should I do?

Victoria, good afternoon! Sometimes after anesthesia trigeminal neuralgia may develop. If the tooth treatment is over, and the dentist says that everything is in order, then a neurologist's consultation is needed.

REFINING QUESTION 11/25/2014 Potapova Anna, Eagle

Good afternoon! Yesterday I was sealed with a hole in the tooth (1 near the deuce which) and before that they made an injection, the process itself was normal. After that, I had a little lip after the injection. Today I woke up and my lip became even more and hurts near the gums where the tooth was treated? What is the reason for this? Maybe she had a lot of pricks?

Hello, the fifth day does not pass pain onsensations in the gum area in the area in which the seal was placed. The seal is large, the tooth has deteriorated deeply. There is another point - pricked anesthesia, there were about 3 injections if not more, it could not work. The very nature of the pain is muffled, periodically disappears, then again appears. It just hurts, not reacting to cold / hot. The pain itself is quite tolerable, but it gives you discomfort when you are not doing anything and you begin to feel it.

Hello! Today her daughter, she is 7 years old, was healed by a tooth, put a seal on the bottom left with the penultimate tooth. They made an anesthetic injection, at first everything was fine, but when they arrived home, her cheek and half of her mouth swelled up. She applied cold and gave an antihistamine drug (suprastin), the tumor slept a little, the gum was from the inside ugly. Will it be done by yourself or should you contact a specialist again?

Hello 30. 11. 15 I was removed the lower tooth like the four, the removal was difficult. K had a stump with a crooked root and crumbled, everything was painful even under anesthesia. I was sewn up for three days, saw a nyl larya, 4. 12. 15 went to the picture, it turns out I did not clean the hole after removal and there was granulation, another doctor cleaned this granulation on a new one and re-contaminated fibrin from my blood, the gum was again sewn and algal . The fact is that after this removal, my upper body aches.

Hello! Yesterday I had a bad toothache, I went to the dentist. He said that you can not tear a sick tooth, but gently treat it. They put three injections of the first frost, the second and third antibiotic. The first two injections were normal, and after the third the gingiva was pierced with a sharp pain and also abruptly passed. When I arrived home, my cheek was a little swollen, I thought there would be nothing to go by; by the evening I started swelling more. Today, my cheek was very swollen and a little over the eyes. In the mouth on her cheek vein and pool appeared.

5 days ago I put 2 seals in 34 and 35 teeth of the sidehave deteriorated very painfully. Have put a nyxis has felt a pain in a neck. Then the second. Waited 20-25 minutes. Anesthesia did not work, they filled the seals, the pain was hellish. By the evening the neck of the cheek went swollen to the shoulder. The temperature rose to 37.4. Nemogla turn her neck and swallow it was painful. The stomatologist advised to drink nemistl and suprastin. It became a little easier. Swelling has subsided for three days. Another gargle rinsed. Yesterday one of the delivered seals fell out.

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