The inner side of the thigh has swollen

Eleonora Lopez Expert (299), closed 3 years ago

I'm not a beginner at the gym. and today I was engaged in "half-legged" so to speak, and the weight on the simulators took half as much as usual, and instead of three approaches I did two, everything is fine. came home and ofigela. on the left leg from the inside of the edema, as if somewhere under the muscles a large chicken egg was formed. in the morning the girth of the thighs was 47 cm, after training the right leg remained the same, and the left leg became 50.5. ((((nothing hurts, just like a mild krepature, same as on the right leg.) I'm shocked, sort of like going to the sea, and I have such rubbish. To go to the doctor really is strange .No pain, no bruises, to the touch as the muscle is simple, only increased sharply, swelled (per hour). I drink nimesil and chondroitin, but the result is 0. What should I do, people?

Matvey Petrov Pupil (209) 3 years ago

Svetlana Enlightened (22636) 3 years ago

this is looking where it was formed, if the inguinal groin can be an inguinal hernia or lymph node. If it hurts, there may be a hemorrhage from an muscle tear. To the doctor, to the doctor.

Eleonora Lopez The expert (299) well I write that does not hurt, and hemorrhages any is not present. To what doctor in such cases address, you not in course?