The left cheek is gone

Female 24 years old.
russia Cherepovets

Good afternoon, about three years ago, I becameswell the cheek to the right. This occurs when the head is tilted forward or to the right. It also swells up when I sleep on my right side! There is a feeling that something is pouring on the cheek. When probing approximately between the upper and lower jaw, small uneven lumps are felt (as though pebble stones are made of gravel). As soon as the head takes a vertical position, the tumor disappears. She addressed doctors many times, but they can not (or do not want to) understand what's wrong! The surgeon to the local hospital in general said that he does not believe me and this can not be, when I visually showed him what is happening, he wrote that I had a cyst and sent him home, and also said that it could be because of the growing eights! In general, as a result of the figure eight, I pulled out both from above and from below - the situation did not change! On rents.snimke nothing (there is a general picture and a snapshot of teeth)!
I would like to know what it can be and how to fight it!