Died earlobe

Erysipelas on earlobe

After a puncture of the ears, 9 months passed, the holes did notHealed, inside formed a solid ball. One of these days the lobe of the right ear has swelled up, has reddened and began to become wet and harden. In the clinic, the surgeon tried to pull out the ball with a needle, nothing happened. He said that the erysipelatous inflammation began. Have written out an amoxicillin, nystatin on 500 mg two times a day, ointment levomikol, uvch and quartz. But it does not get better, the lobe of the ear has hardened, the redness and swelling have gone farther up and around the neck. What to do? Where it is possible still to address for consultation, what analyzes it is necessary to hand over? Thank you

You have an atheroma, and in the absenceadequate treatment began to develop suppuration with the outcome either in the phlegmon, or in the erythematous mug (one does not exclude the other). You need an examination, an adequate diagnosis, and only by its results choose the necessary tactics and its scope. Address to other surgeon, SO it will be better.

REFINING QUESTION January 25, 2013 Rita, St. Petersburg

Hello again! Visited a consultation with another specialist (lora). He prescribed to me drops of uniflox (lotion on the ear) and cream triderm (from ripening) Levomikol said no longer to use. Still I do or make cold lotions with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. It's getting better. The ear stopped bloating and the tumor slept a little. But today in his polyclinic on the procedure UHF accidentally caught the eye of that surgeon. He looked at his ear and told me to go to the autopsy of the wound tomorrow (which was already beginning to drag out) to extract the fatty. What should I do? Laur said that until the tumor does not fall off and the lobe does not podzazhivet - cut lobe can not. To you I shall be very grateful for advice or council. Thank you

None of the surgical treatment currentlyand there can be no question. The diagnosis of festering atheroma has never been and will not be an indication for an emergency radical surgical treatment. And the indication for opening the abscess is the presence of the purulent foci, which can not be based only on the basis of external examination and must be confirmed. In general, the motivation of the actions of your surgeon, based on your description, to put it mildly is not clear.

ANSWERED: 01/27/2013 Krasilnikov Andrey Viktorovich Samara 0.0 Head of the center. Surgeon-phlebologist, ultrasound diagnostician