The uterus has died

Female oncology has always been very difficult indiagnostics. It remains so to this day in the diagnosis of such a disease as uterine cancer, signs, symptoms, the causes of which we will consider in this article. The fact is that the majority of female oncology does not manifest pain syndrome until the development of a cancerous tumor and the destruction of a significant area of ​​tissues. So, oncology of the uterus has almost imperceptible signs. Although in this issue a lot of individual. A woman's body is a whimsical thing. Some women begin to feel signs only in the third stage of cancer, others immediately feel the disorder in the body.

To protect yourself, it is worth to passregular examinations at the doctor and histological examination. Modern science makes it possible to detect signs of uterine cancer at the stage of changes at the cellular level, even when the tumor is only beginning its development. Without medical examination and tests to determine the cancer of the uterus signs of a general plan, almost do not give. Nevertheless, if you are attentive to your body, you will be able to catch some alarming signs of cancer.

Cancer of the uterus - signs of a problem

The most important sign of the onset of any diseasesexual organs, this is the appearance of uncommon bleeding. This can be contact bleeding - the blood appears after physical exertion, sexual intercourse, stroke. It can be a bleeding without painful effects, or swelling.

An alarming syndrome is considered to be even the mostsmall spotting. They can go along with mucus, or watery discharge. This is the result of the destruction of small blood and lymph vessels.

Also worth paying attention to atypicalsigns of uterine cancer or purulent discharge. Most often they cause itching, discomfort, characteristic odor. Often the onset of cancer is confused with signs of other sexual infections. The main thing to remember is that treatment without analysis, can not help, but also harm your body.

At a later stage of development,pulling and pressing pain, erosion of the cervix begins, which is very noticeable in a painful context. Pain can appear during intercourse, during exercise, or simply at rest.

There may be edema of the uterus and vagina. Sensations at the same time will say that there is a foreign object in the vagina - its walls will press on each other with inflamed mucous membranes.

This is a list of those moments that can talk aboutcancer of the uterus in the first two stages of the disease. With further development of uterine cancer, the signs are more characteristic, the main thing is pain, which simply "drives" the patient to the doctor and does all the necessary tests.

Cancer of the uterus - symptoms of the disease

Despite the vagueness of external manifestations, the cancer of the uterus has symptoms.

At the first stage of the problem, when beginsformation of a tumor on the body of the uterus, there is an active destruction of lymphatic vessels. This causes watery discharge with an unpleasant odor. Sometimes, the allocation provokes itching, burning, discomfort.

Further development of a tumor of uterine cancer leads tothe destruction of blood vessels. Regularly in a sick woman, bloody discharge begins to appear. They are often not abundant, and are not caused by any external influence.

Another sign of cancer of the uterus is contact bleeding. In other words, blood is excreted, when a woman suffers physical stress, sexual intercourse, a blow to the abdomen and so on.

With the progress of the disease, bleeding asa symptom of uterine cancer will continue, and intensify - the development of the tumor will cause the destruction of blood vessels. Bleeding is most often painless, the blood is bright red.

With the course of the development of the disease, painful pain can appear. They are rarely credited with the problem, more often women write it off on the physical load.

In the last stages, a sign of cancer of the uterusare severe pain, bleeding practically does not stop. Moreover, the cancer affects the neighboring internal organs of the excretory system, which brings a mass of aggravating factors.

Often, the cancer of the uterus symptoms has an individualized plan. Different women feel pain and suffer the development of oncology in different ways. And this further complicates the process of identifying the problem.

Take care of your body carefully, take preventive examinations the required number of times.

Councils of doctors for the treatment of cancer of the uterus

To avoid the problem of female oncology,first of all, to monitor your health. Always and everywhere take care that your body does not undergo negative influences. The category of negative effects includes hypothermia, overheating, weight lifting, strikes in the abdomen, exposure to chemicals and so on. This is in general, and if in particular, then the cancer of the uterus causes the following.

Cancer of the uterus - causes of the disease

Multiple Sexual Diseases as a Causecancer of the uterus. If the female body in the course of life has experienced multiple diseases of the reproductive system, then it is conditionally prone to the activity of the cancer plan. Especially, if these diseases were not cured at the right time and properly. Chronic diseases of the reproductive system also contribute their carriers to the risk group.

Numerous abortions as the cause of the brand. Abortion, this is in principle unnatural interference in the body of a woman, and the more such interventions there were, the greater the chance of a pathology.

Erosion of the cervix, ulcerous diseases of the mucous membranes. Violations of the integrity of the mucous uterus or vagina, can entail not only the development of chronic diseases, but also cancer of the uterus in particular.

Inadequate nutrition combined with a shifthormonal background as a possible cause of uterine cancer. These two factors together are capable of provoking the most terrible disorders in the female body that can only be imagined. They create a conditionally positive basis for the development of diseases, including oncology.

Frequent, unreasonable exercise. The body of a woman in its anatomy does not provide for the fact that it will carry weights. This can cause a shift in the uterus, a violation of the pelvic organs, mechanical damage to the mucosa, which in turn can trigger the development of a cancerous tumor in the uterus.

There are many more options for the overall plan. For example, the cause of cancer of the uterus can be related to the use of drugs, excessive amounts of alcohol, as a reaction to an infection that acts in the body, as an extension of the oncology of other internal organs and so on.

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