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2, then along the front median line rises to throat, crossing with the foot of the shao-yin canal of the kidneys and the vessel Chun-mai in Yin-chiao VC. 4], reaches throat, rises to the lower jaw, passes into the face, enters the eye. "Their superficial branches rise from the outside to the abdomen, unite in throat, branch off and surround the mouth on the lips. "3] within lower abdomen, divided into Hui-yin [VC. 2], rises to the border of hair growth [on the pubic], reaches Zhong-chi [VC3], along with the jeju-yin [liver] foot, tai-yin [spleen] and shao-yin [kidney] passes within stomach, passes Guan-yuan [VC. 21], rises to throat, intersects with the vessel Yin-wei in Tien-tu[VC. It is used in the treatment of sedating diseases. According to Zhen-Tszyu, Da Chen: The canal of conception Ren-May and the rising chun-may channel begin in the area of ​​internal genitalia, pass within spine and are the sea channels of jing and lo. Passing along the surface of the body, it rises up the abdominal cavity and reaches throat together with the rising canal, where theySeparate and individually bend their lips. The canal of conception begins below the middle limit of zhong-chi and rises above the border of the pubic part of the pubis, passes through the abdominal cavity, reaches up to the point of guan-yuan, rises to throat, where it joins the sea of ​​the Yin compoundchannels. Used to treat the following diseases: fever caused by hemorrhoids, stools, bloody diarrhea, severe coughing and hemoptysis, aching teeth, tumors throat, difficulty urinating, heart pain, chest, chest cavity. cold syndrome of the genital organs in men, pulsation within and pain and fever in the hole. when under the heart, as if inverted cup. at feeling raspiranija in the field of a thorax when at the patient there is no air. When a woman has difficult births, then the child within can not rise above the diaphragm. at sounds in throat. with numbness throat and tumors of the larynx. Indications: dyspnea, choking, pulmonary edema, bronchial asthma, pain in the throat, spasm of the esophagus, vomiting, regurgitation in infants. when pershit in throat and a gurgling cough is heard. when due to persecution in throat it is impossible to swallow food. when throat dumbs, and the larynx swells. Indication: intercostal neuralgia, dyspnea, tonsillitis, bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough, abscess of the larynx, pain in the throat, narrowing of the esophagus, stomach spasm. when a person in throat gurgles, he suffocates and can not speak. with numbness throat and abscesses in the larynx. Below connections throat with a chin at a distance of four tsunami, in the center of a jugular tenderloin. with swelling and colds throat. when in throat ulcers are formed. when from throat expectorates pus and blood. with a loud gurgling in throat, as as if a man drinks water. Description by Da Chen: The Cheng-chiang point (the place of collection of the liquid) has the second name of xuan-jiang (the place where the liquid flows down on). when a person swells as a result of a diabetic metabolic disorder.

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He connects with the genitals, bypassesaround them, passes along the buttocks, reaches the channel of the small yin, and in the yu-yang loo point the small yin connects with the channel, then passes up the inner surface of the thigh, goes within spine, gives a branch that connects to the kidneys. From the lower part of the abdomen, he rises up to the navel, then he connects with the heart, enters the throat, passes through the jaw, bends the lips and ends at the top in the center of the eyes. The control channel duh-may begin at the point of the shu of the lower limit of the xia-ji and passes within spinal column up to the point of feng-fu. In "System of channels and collaterals of Chinese medicine" / Main trunk begins within the lower part of the abdomen, comes to the surface in the area of ​​the point of Hui Yin VC. The second branch from the inside of the lower abdomen rises through the navel and heart, reaches the area throat and connects with the vessels of Ren-May and Chung-mai, rises to the lower jaw, bends around the mouth, reaches the middle of the infraorbital region. 20) is included inwards the skull and connects to the brain, comes to the surface at the back of the head, goes inside from the shoulder blades on both sides of the spine, reaches the waist, enters the muscles from both sides of the spine, binds to the kidneys. cheek swelling due to toothache, disease throat. with pain and swelling throat. On the twenty-sixth day, it falls into inwards vertebral column, and therefore it is said about the increase and increase. when the head becomes heavy, swells and it hurts. when the face is red and swells. when swells skin on the head. Applies when the face turns red and swells. when swells skin on the head. when a person because of dropsy swells whole body. when a person swells, and lips twitch so, as if insects creep along them.

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The head direction reaches the angle of the lowerjaws, rises, passes anteriorly from the auricle to the anterior hairy part of the temple and reaches the frontal part of the head, to the point E8 (toe-wei) - by 1.5 cm inside from the frontal angle of the scalp. The internal course from the point E12 (Que-p'eng) is omitted inside, reaches the stomach and binds to the spleen. The most common symptoms in diseases corresponding to the meridian of the stomach are: High fever, accompanied by a strong sweating, nasal bleeding, eruption on the lip (herpes simplex), dry mouth, headache, swelling and tenderness in the mouth and throat cavity, swelling of the neck, neurasthenia, manic conditions, feeling overflow in the stomach and lower abdomen,peristaltic sounds in the intestines, ascites, pain and mobility disorders in parts of the body through which the meridian of the stomach passes (chest, abdominal wall, inguinal region, front of the thigh and lower leg, knee, back of the foot). Symptoms of a lack of energy of the meridian of the stomach (symptoms of yin): Pain and feeling fullness in the stomach, subsiding in the heat. swelling of the mucosa throat. Indications: asthma, pleurisy, inflammatory process of the muscles in the neck and shoulder, neuralgia of the intercostal nerves, choking, hiccough, pain in the throat. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system and organs feelings, cardiovascular, genitourinary systems, allergic conditions, etc. Indications: paralysis of the lower extremities, pain in the knee and foot, diseases of the stomach and intestines, ulcers on the nipples in women, feeling pressure and pain in the chest, in the sides, in the lower abdomen and in the testicles. Indications: pain in the stomach, diarrhea, dysentery, lack of appetite, swelling and pain in the back of the foot, pain in the throat, neuritis of the facial nerve, toothache of the upper jaw, headache, edema of the face.