The right nostril is swelling

Hello. I am 21 years old. One year ago I had a flu. there was a high fever, vomiting (before that never vomited). About a month later, problems with the face and generally with the body began. First there was a strong sweating. rarely went to the toilet, the water came out only through the skin. With the face there was a following: a strong edema of the right party or side, eyes and cheeks (especially in the mornings). I also went to an allergist (he showed an allergy to a dust mite, but "very unusual symptoms") and to a neurologist (he revealed neurology of the trigeminal nerve, although there are no pains, only swelling). And with all that, he lays the right nostril (morning, evening). From the side of the ENT all is normal. I would also like to tell you about my eyes. The red conjunctiva, the cornea especially on the inside grew through the vessels and also the swelling of the eyelids. First it started with the right eye, now on both. All this lasts a year. Whatever means to me prescribed all the saws and took it in good faith and from allergies and from neurology and in the eye than the plain did not drip. At the moment, the swelling was a little off. But in the right side all the same there are some sort of pulling sensations and some kind of subcutaneous blue on the cheeks. In the evening and in the morning, the right eye dries. In this case, around the eyes, on the eyelids, appeared blue vessels, especially prominent in the tension of the eyelids. I do not know who to turn to for help, all this gives a feeling of terrible discomfort. Maybe from your point of view, something will tell me. At least how to get rid of the violet vessels around the eyes?

About 7 years ago my grandmother died.the day before her death we swore and she said, "Do not shout at me, I can die tomorrow." The next day, she was paralyzed, certainly not because of abuse, but the guilt is still there. When we entered the room she had swollen the right side of the face. After 7 days, she died without coming to consciousness. Within 40 days, I dream about a dream to see a woman, Vera. I go to her with arms outstretched, I embrace and I apologize (she clasps her right cheek) She does not does not say the look is not happy. In the morning I woke up with swelling on my face-the right eye did not even open, passed on o the next den.Obyasnite that it was!

Your mum has a right-sided hemiopause-complicationafter a stroke. Massage in vostanovitelnom period is mandatory. It hurts, the conductivity is partially restored, it's good. Good therapeutic gymnastics. Explain it, what it hurts means depart, already depart from the proliferation of the limb. As you will develop limbs for 1-1,5 years so stay and. The main thing is not to be lazy and not miss the moment.