The penis swells after sex

As you know, the vast majorityhumanity, men and women of reproductive age, not only for the sake of procreation are engaged in sex. So it was led from the pioneers, who paid a warm place and eternal life for the joy and enjoyment of carnal pleasures. Unfortunately, enough people of both sexes, such joys and joys are clouded by unpleasant sensations, painful signs of a different nature. And you can not doubt the reaction of a man who discovered that his penis hurts after sex. This does not mean that thunder and lightning strikes the partner's head. The external manifestation of male reaction depends on the level of upbringing and its internal culture. But you can not doubt the reasons why a member hurts after sex, will find out a man and can become for him the most intrusive idea, capable of marring his whole life. Therefore, it is better, at the first signs and complaints on his part, to take care of the matter and solve it together. Moreover, in a number of cases, problems can be related to both partners.

The reason for the pain of the penis is phimosis

To the most common reasonsthe occurrence of painful sensations refers to the insufficient allocation of lubricant to the partner's vagina. Such sex "dry", can lead to very painful stretches of the foreskin, even the appearance of bruising and its ruptures. These ruptures and micro-traumas are very small and imperceptible to the eye. But with urination give very sensitive sensations of pain and rezi. Especially if the partner has a narrowed foreskin, phimosis.

Anatomy of the anterior part of male pride is arrangedso that the foreskin closes the space around its head and behind it. Under the delicate skin of the foreskin of an adult male individual, a large quantity of lubricant called a smegma is accumulated. She has a complex composition from the secretion of the glands of this skin, its dead epithelium and the natural secretions of body fluid. In the beginning, it has a white color, but decomposing, turns yellow or greenish, with a sharp unpleasant odor. With insufficient personal hygiene skills, microorganisms that can even lead to inflammation of the head and / or foreskin accompanied by purulent discharge fall into this composition. In this case, the partner senses the itching and burning of the head, pain during intercourse. With the running of the case, it can be a matter of post-illness and balanitis.

The benefits of personal hygiene

And banal neglect of personal hygiene canlead to a painful narrowing of the foreskin, and then turn into purulent gangrene and (not to the night be it said) loss of male dignity. The simplest methods will prevent such catastrophic consequences. Compulsory is daily personal hygiene with the use of neutral, best of all children's soap or gel. The narrowing of the foreskin usually passes by itself, at the beginning of regular intercourse. In clinical and neglected cases, the elimination of constriction is performed in a fairly simple surgical way. The main thing is not to bring to this, well, without excessive fanaticism.

As preventive measures, with microtraumaThe foreskin is good for making baths for 5-10 minutes in a warm solution of potassium permanganate, light pink. By the way, the partner also does not interfere with such washing. Sufficiently well-known methods used by our grandmothers to treat inflammation of the foreskin in boys can also be used now. It is good, if in 1/4 cup water mix 1 tbsp. a spoonful of cornstarch and, in order to relieve inflammation and swelling, three times a day to do two-minute tissue applications on the foreskin. The result will not be worse when half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is diluted in ¼ cup of water and do the same appliqués. For a start, if after a swelling of the penis, you can try to apply the above described recipes and techniques.

Other causes of soreness of the penis

Of course, it's good if the measures described above are personalhygiene and elementary methods of disinfection and removal of inflammation give the result. Unfortunately, there are other causes of pain, tumors, itching, burning and, even, blood in secretions. Inflammation of the head or foreskin is possible in cases of diabetes mellitus. And pain, burning sensation when urinating can be caused by the passage of sand or stones. Other various diseases like urethritis, prostatitis. Constant pains are common with inflammation of the seminal tubercle. The ambiguity of such a serious external manifestation as blood in the semen can speak not only of the great zeal and trauma of the bridle or rupture of the foreskin, other trauma. But also about inflammation or swelling of internal organs. Therefore, even when a member dies simply after sex, it will not be superfluous to appear to a specialist. If, during the measures described above, burning and itching with urination continues after two to three days, there is a discharge, an erection is broken, etc. do not tempt fate, you need to go to the hospital.