Strongly swells around the body what to do

Of course, you need to consult a doctor. But there are simple recommendations that will not harm anyone: first, try to drink water in the morning, in the second, reduce its consumption to a minimum. Secondly, to limit salt, for the night in general anything salty not to eat, tk. salt retains water in the cage. You can drink the fees that have a diuretic effect, but not for long. can come out and useful substances. If you are a woman and swelling not constantly, then this may be a symptom of PMS, then you need to consult a gynecologist.

In the morning to reduce swelling, you can wipe your facepieces of ice or buy in the pharmacy special anti-decongestants. Folk remedies for reducing edema under the eyes. Compress from grated potatoes, applied to the face for 15 minutes or slices of fresh cucumber. As an easy diuretic, you can recommend a glass of cranberry or cranberry mors, tea with currant leaves, a leaf of cowberry, juniper, decoction of birch buds, these remedies will help reduce swelling.

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