The left side is swelling

The reasons for left hand flow are different, I havefor example, when high blood pressure, the hand swelling can also be a problem with the kidneys, the liver, also if a lot of liquids are used, when the food is salted, or too sweet, or the hand is not very mobile, stagnation in the body.

Let your mother try to drink less liquids at night, less to eat salty, sweet, and look at the result, so she can strongly squeeze her hand during sleep, or sharply increases the pressure.

Observe your mother, if all the same reason is not in the food, not in a lot of drunk water, then always let him go to the doctor, that you would less worried. Good luck.

In fact, the reasons for the edema of the hands are many, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body.

The most common cause of edema is a large numbera liquid that was drunk before going to bed, and the person slept on one side (in your case this is the left side). As active during the day, swelling should pass. Also, the swelling of the hand can be caused by inflammation of the joints of the hands. In this case, pain can occur when touched.

Edema can be the cause of heart disease, blockage of blood vessels, kidney disease (kidneys do not remove the necessary amount of fluid from the body), the liver.

Edema can be caused by an allergic reaction (for example, to a detergent).

In any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor to exclude dangerous diseases.

Health to you and your mom!