The neck swollen with osteochondrosis

November 27th, 2013, 5:03 am great lymph nodes

I have this situation: I'm 23 years old, boy.
I am am disturbed with lymphonoduses, namely a pain in them. Handed over the blood and urine tests: normal. He made uzi thyroid: two nodes of 7 and 5 mm (diffuse-nodular goiter) were found, thyrotropic hormone = 1,042, antibodies to thyreperoxidase = less than 10 (negative), thyreoglobulin = 17.7 - said just to drink iodomarine or iodine-active at 200mg; uzi of the abdominal cavity organs - without pathologies, computed tomography of the thoracic cavity organs - lungs, trachea in norm, mediastinal lymph nodes - 6.3-7.7 mm, axillary LU - up to 11.8 mm, gynecomastia (30 and 28 mm in the region nipples)
Also recently donated blood for virusescytomegalovirus and epstein-barr: avidity to antibodies of cytomegalovirus = 81%, EB virus copsidic IgG = 14.3 COI, VEB copsidic IgM = 0.07 COI, EBV nuclear IgG = 10.99 COI. cytomegalovirus antibody IgG = 296.0 MEML (!), cytomegalovirus antibody IgM = 0.677 COV.
After that, the infectious disease doctor prescribed me to take 2 tablets per day VALAVIR (course 10 days) + injections intramuscularly NEVIR for 250 ml a day through the day (a course of 10 injections) in order to kill viruses.
UAC did yesterday: hemoglobin - 138, h - 4,310, l - 5,610, ESR - 5 mm, e-2%, and-2%, c-61%, l-30%, m-5% (can in some way the name is incorrect because it is not very legible).
Another month and a half ago, exactly when they startedTo disturb lymphonoduses I have noticed on a forehead a small speck about 10 mm in diameter which flakes off, but also does not hurt, it is not scratched. Was at the dermatologist - he has told or said that an allergic dermatitis and to smear with zinc ointment - smeared, does not transit. In the groin, too, there is such a region, but it sometimes itches and flakes. More like there are no trifles.
QUESTION: What is my situation? dangerous or not? Should I fear oncology, for example, lymphogranulomatosis? What should I do next, what tests should I do more? Very much I ask your help and the answer to my question. I spent a lot of nerves, time and money on tests and medications.


It reveals the "secret" of how any person can independently find the answer to any question, if he wants.

To get the right answer to any health-related, illness and other issues, you need to fulfill a couple of conditions:

  • break it down into several extremely strict questions, that is, requiring only 2 specific answers: "yes" or "no";
  • You need to start with the wanting issues.
Let us illustrate this method using the example of Alexander's questions, to which you can answer yes and no, depending on his desire.

1 question: "What is my situation? dangerous or not? "A well-formulated question, since it requires only 2 answers, but without the second condition, it is impossible to get a clear, unambiguous answer, that is, the person can only give a definitive answer, depending on his desire. Wants Is Alexander healthy? Wants Is Alexander sick? Someone can exclaim: "Of course, Alexander wants to be healthy!" Perhaps, but not fact. The fact is that many people want to be like most other people, that is sick. Healthy people are in a clear minority, are not they? Depending on the desire Alexander has 2 options for answers. If Alexander wants be sick, that is, be like most people,then the situation is not dangerous. Most people have or will necessarily have any increasing serious health problems, from which they usually die. If Alexander is not afraid (wants ) to be in the minority, that is, a healthy person,then the situation is dangerous. There is a serious, perhaps even irreversible, undermining of health. If you look at the question from other points of view, then you can give additional options for answers. From the medical point of view, the situation is not dangerous, but cool, as medicine is financially interested in (wants Togo). so that as many people as possible get sick. From my point of view, the situation is dangerous, since I love health and want. so that as many people as possible are free from disease.

2 question: "Is it worth to fear oncology, for example, lymphogranulomatosis?" Also a good question, as it requires answers "yes" or "no." Alexander is able to formulate questions so that it can be easily answered. Perhaps he himself answered them; while I ponder and write the answer within 24 hours. This question can also be answered both yes and no. Depending on the wants and points of view. From point of view which human health, one should not be afraid of oncology, as a health-loving person leads a way of life in which the risk of oncology and other severe lesions is minimal. From point of view which rely on medicine (not wanting self-healing) of a person, oncologyIt is necessary to be afraid and much (ka) to be treated, increasing the risk of its occurrence. After all, treatment is a very dangerous occupation, as it interferes with the natural processes of self-healing and self-defense of the organism and is capable of destroying them; and this greatly increases the likelihood of developing cancer, is not it? Accustomed to dangerous (ka) treatment should be ready for cancer (beware of it).

3 question: "What should I do next, what tests should I do more?" (C) A falsely formulated question. I certainly can answer this: do what do you want or I would not do any tests, andlistened to the signals of the body and took care of saving health, so that the body self-restored. However, I advise you to break (c) a false question into a few simple ones (requiring only 2 answers) and answer them yourself, proceeding from your own desire.

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