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In the world there is a huge amountall kinds of infectious diseases, one more terrible than the other. If some of them are treated quite easily, others are very difficult. It is much worse that some of these diseases for a long time do not make themselves felt, leaking completely without a trace. However, there are some who, on the contrary, manifest themselves through various symptoms. For example, what can the itchy labia speak about? About various diseases. But do not rush into panic, in many cases the reason is much more prosaic.

Causes of itching in the labia

At once I would like to note that itching in the fieldsexual organs causes severe discomfort to girls. Firstly, this is a very unpleasant feeling. Secondly, if you constantly scratch one and the same place, then it can form a kind of sore, into which an infection can get, resulting in the development of an inflammatory process. Thirdly, it's just indecent - imagine that an intimate place began to itch, say, at a public transport stop. And if a man climbs into everyone's underwear, he can just be misunderstood!

  • So, most often the itching manifests itself afterdepilation. For example, instead of using a special hair remover, the girl decided to try to shave the bikini zone with a razor. However, the machine also removes the upper layer of the skin, which can subsequently cause severe irritation. In addition, irritation can occur due to growing hair.
  • Another case is the wearing of underwear fromsynthetic material. Alas, today there have come such times when you can get panties with a bra, for example, from natural cotton, not every girl can afford. Nevertheless, experts advise to avoid synthetics, because in addition to irritation, it can lead to the development of certain diseases of the genital organs (if only because it does not allow the air to circulate normally).
  • Pay special attention to the means for hygiene,which you use. The fact is that some of them may contain certain substances that cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, if you think that the problem lies in the shower gel, we advise you to replace it with an analog. In addition, for intimate hygiene, there are special gels - they do not cause irritation, and at a cost practically no different from the usual.
  • And a little more about the allergy - such a reaction cancause daily pads that the girl uses. Remember that the gaskets must be white and should not contain any dyes (so if they are depicted some flowers, it is better to abandon them). And certainly do not forget to change them in a timely manner.
  • Often, itching can be caused by a stressful situation, for example, if there is a conflict with someone from the household. As a rule, after a short period of time the problem disappears by itself.
  • Theoretically, dysbacteriosis of the vagina is possible,which means a violation of its microflora. In the ordinary state, the microflora is in equilibrium with each other and the environment, but if the balance between bacteria in the vagina changes, this can lead to the appearance of certain types of diseases, the most famous of which is thrush.
  • Of course, the cause of the itch may be andsexually transmitted diseases. One of the most popular is trichomoniasis, which affects about a tenth of our planet. Each year, the attack is recorded by more than 170 million people in the world. Trichomoniasis is usually accompanied not only by the itch of the labia and their reddening, but also by secretions from the vagina, and also by pain during urination and sexual intercourse. By the way, the disease is very dangerous, because it can lead to complications, for example, infertility.
  • Of course, do not forget about basic hygiene. By the way, it is extremely rare, but itching appears as a result of pubic lice - they are transmitted from one partner to another. The ailment is extremely unpleasant, but getting rid of parasites is not so difficult - it helps the use of special ointments.
  • Other diseases, including diabetes mellitus.

If the labia began to be scratched without visiblethen first of all you need to change your underwear. In addition, you can recall what you used in the past day - sometimes itching is associated with certain foods, which the girl may have an allergic reaction. If the problem is accompanied by secretions with a smell or an unusual form, then this is probably an infection.

If the itch stopped after changing clothes, then,most likely, you do not have to worry. However, if it continues, it is necessary to enroll in a detailed examination to a specialist. After the diagnosis is revealed, the doctor prescribes treatment.

Why swell the labia?

Immediately I would like to talk about another problem related to this intimate part of the woman. When sexual intercourse swollen labia, which at least surprises the girls.

In fact, in most situations this is not the casenothing wrong. The fact is that small lips are female external genitalia. They contain venous vessels, arteries and nerve endings. Since this is one of the most erogenous zones of a woman's body, any touch to her lips or caress leads to the flow of blood to them. Accordingly, they seem to swell and increase in size. How much? It already depends on the individual structure of the girl's body. The same can be said about the clitoris.

However, quite often swelling indicatesthe presence of diseases associated with the reproductive system. In addition to thrush, it can be sexually transmitted diseases. To be confident in your health, it is recommended to consult and examine the specialist with the subsequent delivery of all necessary tests