Grandmother swells drastically

Chronic diseases: the bone structures are unchanged.CONCLUSION- Signs of volumetric formation of the left lung, atelectasis of the left lung, pleurisy on the left. The question is how to dilute the jelly filling in the lung and how you can get it out of the lung. It can not pump out the gel because of the gelatinous state

Mom 8 months ago, an operation was performed on the lungs (waspleurisy, but the liquid could not be pumped out, since it was jelly-like) on the lung was not a large formation and the part of the lung was removed. Now again the problem is suffocating. Have made CT. Direct diagnosis - The investigation was performed in a spiral mode with a thickness of 5 mm with a contrast enhancement of an omnipack of 80 ml. The lung is reduced in volume, atelectasized. Burial of the trachea is not changed. The lumen of the trachea, bronchi to the level of subsegmental right is preserved, to the left the syndrome of "amputation" of the main bronchus. The organs of the mediastinum are shifted to the right, not expanded. In the pleural cavity on the left, homogeneous shading with a density of up to 23 N is determined. Lymph nodes are not enlarged. The compression of the left pulmonary artery is determined. See

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The process age and the viscosity of the exudate caninfluence the possibility of extraction from the pleural cavity, but if done under the control of ultrasound, then you can find the optimal point for puncture and try to take material for a biopsy.