After injury, the knee swells

Good afternoon!
I am concerned about pain in the knee joints.According to the results of MRI of the left knee joint: in the medial and lateral turn of the suprapatellar sac and in the joint cavity there is a fluid accumulation from 5 to 18 mm in thickness. In the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus is a pathological signal portion of the discoid type. The anterior cruciate ligament is thickened, unraveled, its contours are uneven. The integrity of the ligamentous apparatus and of both menisci is not broken. In the soft tissues of the popliteal fossa at the level of the lateral condyle of the tibia, the cystic formation is 19 * 10 * 9 mm. Conclusion: suprapatellar bursitis. Hydroarthrosis. The synovial ceca of the popliteal fossa. Discoid of lateral meniscus. Chronic damage to the anterior cruciate ligament.
What treatment is shown in this situation? Is there a need for an operation? I live in Dzerzhinsk, do I need direction and from which doctor?

In your case, an individual consultation with an orthopedic surgeon is required. About
You can agree on this with the time convenient for you by tel.
89290535732. The doctor Khudoshin Andrey Yurievich. With you you need to have results
previously conducted surveys.

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