Sweet little finger flows

If you notice that your fingers start to swellsome time after washing dishes and cleaning, it's allergies to household chemicals. It usually occurs on cleaning products of low quality. The problem here is solved quite simply. It is necessary to replace household chemicals with another, and also to clean and wash dishes always with gloves.

Common causes of swelling of the fingers

Often, an allergic reaction may occur onsome food. Therefore, if you notice that after eating a certain food, for example, a dessert with exotic fruits, your hands start to swell, then it's food. It is necessary to exclude products that cause an allergic reaction from the diet.

Swelling of the fingers often occurs duringpregnancy. Accordingly, if you are expecting a baby, then such a problem arises precisely because of this. The thing is that the kidneys of the future mother are very bad at coping with the redistribution of the liquid. As a result, part of the water goes into the bladder, and the other under the skin. Usually, in such situations, doctors prescribe light diuretics based on herbs. They are selected individually.

Problems with the lymphatic system cancause swelling of the fingers. But this is not the only symptom of such a pathology. Along with this, there are nodes under the cheekbones, underarms, on the neck or in the groin. If they become more than the size of a cherry, then you need to urgently go to the doctor.

Swelling of the fingers can occur with arthritis. It occurs when there are joint diseases. As a result, they become inflamed, aching and swelling. To be absolutely sure that the reason is in this, you should pay attention to the skin of the hands, if it has reddening and there are small bubbles on it, then you definitely have arthritis. It is also necessary to immediately consult a doctor, if this is not done, then in the future there will be a strong ache in his hands. In addition, they will become crooked.

Rare causes of swelling of fingers

Swelling of the fingers can sometimes become acause of poor liver function. Usually it is accompanied by the appearance on the body of small red moles. The edema itself passes after the use of drugs that remove toxins. In this case, you need to see a doctor so that he prescribes treatment and adjusts the diet.

Disturbances in the heart also lead to swelling of the fingers. It is accompanied by acute pain in the chest. If you notice such symptoms, immediately register with a cardiologist.