The lower abdomen swells

meat corpse The pupil (102), on a vote 6 years ago

after sex
the stomach becomes elastic like a ball. does not hurt, just swells for a couple of days. periodically it happens. What does this mean? I always have a flat stomach, and this. looks very ugly
Added 9 hours ago the bravo is not brave, but I need a nooral answer, what's with me and what to do to get it back to normal!

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OLEG UGRYUMOV The Thinker (8819) 6 years ago

sex is always only good

Arthur Born Pupil (196) 6 years ago

can often have sex

Diana Alexeeva Guru (3797) 6 years ago

to be honest, I do not even know.
can better get off the "answers" and get to the gynecologist or.
when it's serious - a specialist is needed!

Ilya Olegovich Master (1327) 6 years ago

Sex! And in general it is very similar to the monthly!

Emilia Churikova Master (1633) 6 years ago

To the gynecologist it would be desirable, in general it is similar toinflammation of the appendages, or pre-menstrual edema, but if you have it only due to sex, it's more likely to be inflammation, during sexual intercourse you see everything there is "disturbing" and the inflammatory process becomes aggravated from what the pelvic organs and "swell" so to speak .

nei-son Enlightened (20564) 6 years ago

Usually this happens during sex during pregnancy, check.

Kosh Orakul (97071) 6 years ago

It seems to me that these are spasms of the intestine, and not by the female part. And try a drink after "this" Spazmalgon? It looks like a chronic colitis of the intestine.

Opium Opium Expert (371) 6 years ago

nothing to listen to here, to the doctor and the point!