Infant swells

My daughter recently more and more oftenwakes up with swollen eyes. I noticed that the more one drinks the evening before, the more it swells. We generally had a few swollen eyes since birth, but doctors wrote it off on the features of the building. In the first year, they did ultrasound and analyzes, no blemishes were revealed. Today, bruises have also added. Has anyone ever encountered such a thing? I'm afraid that it can be kidneys or a heart. I will certainly go to the doctor, but I feel that until tomorrow I will not live, it hurts today daughter is beautiful

2009-01-03 03:38:29 Author: Bethow

If the analysis is good and the ultrasound of the kidneys is good, then try to go to a consultation with a nephrologist. In the evening, a lot of fluid is not necessary. It is a big load for the kidneys.

2009-01-08 02:30:35 Author: Thation

dehus, and the nephrologist is in my opinion just on the kidneys, yes? I can not creep that she drank very much. in any case, not more than usual, it's just shifted for an evening like that

2009-01-09 01:42:48 Author: Haminety

properly check the kidneys and pass urine tests.