Why swells over the century

At least once, but run into a problem, when the eyelids swell up. can not only be a monster from the story of NV. Gogol, but also any person in reality. There are many reasons for this, and the problem is always the same - how to appear to people's eyes, especially if you are a woman? Everyone does not tell you that you do not sleep much, you sit at the computer a lot, or you cried the whole evening yesterday.

Why does this happen - we go to sleep"Normal" people, but wake up to "monsters"? If you exclude heart and kidney disease, thyroid dysfunction, colds, runny nose. conjunctivitis and other diseases, the reason, most likely, lies in the simple predisposition of the eyelids to "accumulate" excess water in itself. Usually, such swelling passes quickly, within 10 minutes. But what if it is not so?

If you are "reassured" at least a little - a problem,when the eyelids swell, the women have been tormented since a long time. Recipes for getting rid of it were passed on from generation to generation, from lady to lady, from mother to daughter. For example, the Greeks offered the world a recipe that had been used for a long time - it was necessary to apply a decoction of chamomile to the rag and apply it to the swollen eyelids. A more "aesthetic option" suggested for this purpose to take rose water or essential oil.

What to do in this case today? The problem is that the eyelid swelling may not subside for several days, making your eyes "aged". Do not cry and rub your swollen eyelids! Cold compress will help you - it can be gel packs that are sold in pharmacies - after holding them in the refrigerator for a while, apply the gel to your eyes for a few minutes.

Sometimes helps mask from cucumber and potatoes -grate the vegetables on a grater, and hold for 10 minutes. Good cold milk helps - it, to all, also reduces the dark circles around the eyes. You can try to attach ice.

The folk remedy for removing the edema from the eyelids istea - you can prepare yourself a "tea compress" in advance, and put it in the fridge, and you can brew a tea bag in the morning, cool it and put it on your swollen eyelids.

Also folk medicine advises mint - dining roomThe spoon of this herb is poured with boiling water, it is insisted for five minutes and filtered. When the broth cools down, you need to attach to the eyes of the same wadded disk, moistened in it, for 10 minutes.

Well, and of course, the "national recipe" forthe health of your eyelids is a long, strong sleep - at least 8 hours a day - just the right regimen, good food and sleep will help your eyes look great, without any bags and circles under them!

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