The right hand is swelling

Before asking us a question, please pay attention to the rules of on-line consultation on medical sites, which we adhere to in answering your questions:

The appointment of treatment is not conducted in absentia. There are a number of reasons for this, above all, the possibilityan allergic reaction to the drug, the presence of contraindications to the use of medication, which the doctor is not aware of when consulting in absentia. And the diagnosis exhibited by someone may be erroneous, or incorrectly formulated by the patient in an on-line consultation; in this case, the prescribed therapy may not be effective and, moreover, dangerous. For the same reasons we do not prescribe hormonal contraception in absentia. Therefore, all on-line questions on the topic: "Prompt, than to be treated" and "What kind of contraceptive will you advise? " will remain unanswered.

Alien appointments about various diseases in absentia are not commented. The doctor who prescribes your treatment sees you,with the history of your disease, has the results of the survey on hand and is guided by all this when prescribing treatment. There are a great number of treatment regimens, and a qualified specialist can choose any one at his own discretion. If you doubt that the scheme chosen by the doctor is adequate - you need to discuss with him these questions, do not be shy, you have the right to information about your health and the effect of prescribed medications.

Question "what could it be?" - is absolutely incorrect. To correctly diagnose a diagnosis is necessary, which is selected depending on the signs of the existing disease individually, on full-time admission. Therefore, a different answer to such questions, except as: "You need to see a doctor" - will not be. Think about whether you should spend time writing a question to get a similar answer.

In our center there are no pediatricians, therefore, we do not render medical assistance to persons under 15 years of age and do not conduct correspondence consultations in pediatrics. Hope for your understanding.

We sincerely hope that you will treat these rules with understanding, and in the future this will help our effective communication on-line. Sincerely, doctors of Swissmed Medical Center.