Testicular swelling

Health of the urogenital system isa huge value in the life of a man. From their condition depends not only the normal performance of physiological functions, but also the ability of men to conduct sexual activity.

The sexual system of every representative of a strongThe floor consists of internal and external organs. The scrotum is a special skinny sac, in which the testicles are located. It should be noted that during the formation of the male fetus in the womb of the testicle, the testicles descend into the so-called scrotum only on the thirty-fifth to the seventh week, that is, immediately before the birth itself. It is very important. After all, if this does not happen, a man simply can not have his children. The thing is that the formation of healthy and mobile spermatozoa requires special conditions suitable for their development. The temperature in the scrotum is several degrees below the body temperature of the man.

Sometimes this kind of bag, or rather, the testiclethe person swells up. It happens suddenly. In many situations, a man or a child does not immediately notice such an education. In addition, this kind of case is characterized by the solidification of this swelling, which in itself brings a lot of unpleasant and even sometimes painful sensations. If you have swollen testicles, you should immediately call the appropriate doctor. It will help to find out the cause of the process. The most common of these are the twisting of the body, hernia, inflammation of the bacterial nature, stagnation of the mass from the sperm, fluid and blood and, of course, any scrotal injury.

If the child has swollen an egg, it is necessaryto ask him if the baby did not fall, did not hit either the organs or the like. Try not to put pressure on the child. Quite often, parents complain to the doctor that the baby's testicle is swollen. In order to avoid this, at least two times a month to conduct a survey of the body. Sometimes it is enough and once a month. It all depends on the age of the guy or man. To conduct a survey is recommended after or during the taking of a hot shower or bath. The fact is that from the heat of the testicles gradually fall completely into the scrotum. The organ relaxes. In such a situation it is much easier to detect any formations. In addition, you will need a special instruction, because in some areas of compaction - the norm.

If you suspect that the testicle is swollen,lift the penis and gently palpate the scrotum directly. Pay attention to the size (try to identify changes), redness and a strong expansion of the veins. The left part of the organ, that is, the scrotum, should be located slightly below the right.
Be sure to carefully examine each of the testicles. To do this, you need to roll them between your fingers. Do everything carefully so as not to harm the representative of the stronger sex. Normally, the testicles are elastic and smooth forms. At the same time they move freely.

Less often, the fact that the testicle swollenon the development of a cancerous organ tumor. Unfortunately, this disease in our country is often met. Most often, men at the age of twenty-five to thirty-seven are at risk. The reasons for the appearance of a tumor in this place, more precisely, there are many assumptions. However, the truth has not been revealed so far. It is worth noting that if the mother during pregnancy took any funds with an increased content of so-called diethylbestrol, the likelihood of cancer is increased.

Signs that the man has swollen the testicle, most often become swelling, decreased sexual activity and pain in this area. Regardless of your assumptions, immediately consult a specialist.