After sexual intercourse, the labia became swollen

Question: Hello Sergey Vadimovich. At me about 10 years ago there were edemas of sexual labiums after the sexual certificate or act or after caress, when I am raised or raised. At first they said that I have Bartholinitis. Over time, the swelling on the left side left, but the right labia strongly swells.
A year ago, an operation was performed to removeit turned out that the cysts of the right labia, the result of histology - the cavity is lined with epithelium. There is no result, the lip swells, becomes thick and painful. Touching is painful, as if plaiting. There is also a flow of nearby tissues. If you do not have sex, then swelling dissipates about a week for 2.
There is no problem if you give up sexual activity andforget about sex. But I'm still a young woman, and I want to live a full sexual life. I want to undergo homeopathy. I do not see other possible means to solve the long-term problem. I hope to receive your reply, yours faithfully. Alla.

Answer: Hello, Allah. To start treatment for the swelling of the labia, take homeopathic medicines - Apis 6 - 3 granules every day in the morning, and Rus toxicodendron 6 - 3 granules in the evening, and if there is edema, then 2 times a day for 5 granules, until improvement.

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