The eyelids are very swollen

Probably, with each of us at least once happenedthis: wake up in the morning, but your eyes can not really open! You run to the mirror and you see that the eyelids are swollen, swollen, only thin slits are left.

Sometimes, in addition to swelling, the reddening of the eyelids also becomes quite noticeable, which can even more frighten a person.

Many people have swollen eyelids, evenwhen they drank a very small amount of water before going to bed. But also puffiness on the upper and lower eyelids or the entire eye area can also testify to the development of infection, the inflammatory process, to be a symptom of hidden diseases.

If you regularly observe in the mirror puffiness in the eye area, the so-called "bags" or a swollen upper eyelid, this is a serious reason to think about visiting a doctor and establishing their cause.

  • In the first place, an experienced doctor can assumethe presence of diseases of the genitourinary system, in particular the kidneys. Kidneys can not cope with the withdrawal of fluid from the body, which can be manifested by swelling of various parts of the body, including the area around the eyes.
  • Probably, and problems with heart disturbhuman, because when the work of this main organ is disrupted, there are failures in the circulatory system, blood circulation, which can also provoke swelling of the eyelids.
  • Diseases of the endocrine system, for example, with an imbalance of thyroid hormones, often provokes swelling of the eyes, chills, fatigue.
  • The eyes can also become very pale during the inflammatory process in the sinuses due to sinusitis.
  • Very often, dental problems are adversely affected by the state of the eye: gingival inflammation, infection, dental disease can serve as a soil for puffiness of the skin of the eyelids.
  • Swelling and swelling can result from an allergic reaction of the body to different foods, external stimuli, for example, to an insect bite.
  • Quite often, women have to face eyelid swelling due to unsuitable cosmetics for the eyes. Some components of shadows, carcasses can cause allergy and swelling.

In addition, eyelid swelling can be caused byspecific eye diseases: blepharitis, conjunctivitis, purulent eye diseases, contact dermatitis, barley, diseases of lacrimal sac and lacrimal gland, eyeball.

Inflammatory eye diseases are accompanied byredness of the skin, the body temperature can rise and the place of swelling to the touch is hot, most often there is swelling of only one eye, palpation in the place of edema is painful.

And in the case of non-inflammatory edema, the swollen area is cool, more often the skin is usually dyed, there is no pain, and in most cases, puffiness is observed on the eyelids of both eyes.

What to do if the eyelids swell

The best option would be, of course, to appeal tothe doctor. Especially it concerns those cases of eye swelling, when they acquire a regular character. Even if nothing hurts while in the body, something still goes wrong and it is necessary to establish the cause of what is happening.

And if there are signs of inflammation and discharge from the eyes, then do not delay the visit to the doctor and do not self-medicate!

The doctor as a result of the examination will identify the cause of puffiness in the eye area and prescribe the treatment:

  • if swollen eyes - a consequence of an allergy to anything, then you will be offered antihistamines;
  • when adding to the edema of the inflammatory process, it will be necessary to use eye drops, ointments that help to eliminate infection;
  • to quickly remove the edema, use cold lotions or compresses on the eye area.

Very often, severe eye swelling can be caused by an incorrect way of life. To get rid of them, it is enough to only make changes in your rhythm of life:

  • sleep well (at least 8 hours);
  • to rest your eyes if you spend a lot of time at the computer or your work is connected with small details;
  • perform simple but useful, exercises for the eyes;
  • use compresses and special cosmetics in the form of masks, eye creams.

Of folk remedies, compresses withtea brewing. Often used for this purpose are sleeping tea bags, which are imposed on the eye area. A compression of green tea is considered to be especially effective.

They recommended themselves from the best side and compressesfrom camomile chamomile, parsley (finely chopped greens or brewed dry grass). To remove swelling and bruising under the eyes, use and applications of grated potatoes.

Also in the fight against swelling and dark circles under the eyes of the well-behaved funds (creams, gels, masks, floral water) with the contents of the cornflower extract.