Osteoarthrosis was swollen

Husband. 47 years old.
Russia, Krasnoyarsk

In 1996 had surgery to remove the meningioma of the right anterior fovea. Periodically, after loads or painful conditions, there was a painful swelling in the region of the superciliary arches, mainly to the right, very weak fluid discharge was observed from the nose. In January of this year, he suffered a sinusitis - bilateral, which healed, there was no relapse. On a control image of CT in the sinuses and on the site of surgery there are no problems. Discharge from the nose stopped. but there was a strong edema in the region of the superciliary arches, turning to the eyelids and on the tissues under the eyes. The doctor advised taking fusasimide, explaining that the small hole left after the operation is the cause of the outflow of brain fluid. It is assumed that the hole will overgrow.
Is it possible in this case, conservative treatment, what additional. means can normalize intracranial pressure. Thank you.