Swollen small labia

your bride The pupil (160), on a vote 5 years ago

what kind of infection can lead to this?
there was itching and unpleasant sensations, sexual intercourse. Then very strongly were frightened the sexual small lips have swelled up .. Has gone to the gynecologist .. The thrush .. Have told or said a candle .. Was treated. but here again they took up with her husband and again swelled, naturally in ponedynik to the genicologist.

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Lera Master (1154) 5 years ago

given dana Expert (298) 5 years ago

It is necessary and to treat the husband.

BlackWolf Pupil (137) 5 years ago

it's thrush. it happens that she will become attached. and does not lag behind, we need constant prevention, soap helps me "Epigen Intim"

Hyper Wired Profi (911) 5 years ago

Grandfather NicoDym The Thinker (7173) 5 years ago

I am deceived, but my husband does not. He infested you again. To be treated together it is necessary.

cat Master (1112) 5 years ago

Look up to the corns

* Flower of dreams * Master (1722) 5 years ago

Household soap from thrush very helps :)