Vocal cord swelling

Complications of the inflammatory process of the vocal cords

This is a rather dangerous disease, and the consequences of itscan be the most serious. The disease can lead to suffocation and death of the patient. It is more difficult for young children, because they have a small lumen in the airways. With inflammation of the ligaments, the child may begin to suffocate. It is necessary to monitor his condition, be able to provide first aid.

Overexposure, you can get stenosis of the larynx orlaryngospasm, lose your voice and get other troubles like chronic inflammation. Chronicle also occurs if a person has an allergy to anything that manifests itself as laryngitis. So, treatment of inflammation should be treated seriously.

If complications nevertheless have come, it is worthwhile to know that the chronic process is of 3 kinds, each of which is characterized by symptoms:

Catarrhal chronic inflammation - reddening and thickening of the laryngeal mucosa, dryness, coughing, sensation of foreign body in the larynx.

Hypertrophic chronic inflammation as a consequence of acute laryngitis - proliferation of mucous due to disorders of the larynx shell glands.

Atrophic chronic inflammation - dryness, cough with phlegm, sensation of perspiration and foreign body in the larynx. The mucous membrane becomes thinner.

Features of treatment of inflammation of the vocal cords

Fortunately, today there are effective methods of treating the disease. A number of traditional and traditional methods for solving this problem, the most effective and effective of them, are given in this article.

Treatment depends on what is causedlaryngitis. The fact is that inflammation of the larynx can be caused by pathogens of a variety of diseases, from ARVI to measles and diphtheria, including in adults. Therefore, drug therapy is aimed at several points.

remove the swelling and soften the cough. In fact, it is the removal of symptoms, but it is very important for the patient's well-being, and if it is a strong edema that significantly narrows the lumen of the respiratory throat - then for life. Therefore, anti-edemas, antihistamines are used, which at the same time remove the allergic component of the disease, as well as complex drugs, whose range of actions includes the ability to reduce cough, especially dry and unproductive, while being obtrusive.

to duplicate the reproduction of microbes. The initial infection that caused inflammation is most often viral, but microbes actively multiplying in weakened organisms very quickly join the viruses. It is to stop this unpleasant process that all kinds of antibiotics are directed at the doctor who chooses a laryngitis. As a rule, antibiotics of a wide spectrum of action are good for patients, as, as already mentioned above, laryngitis as such is rarely an independent disease. If it is, then in the body, of course, there is also some other infection that affects certain organs (most often, immediately, next to, in the nasopharynx).

Thus, drug therapy includesinfluence both on the cause that caused it (treatment of the underlying disease) and on the symptoms that usually make the life of the patient very difficult, and in the case of the child, it can be just dangerous.

When treatment is forbidden to talk loudly,drink cold drinks, smoke, drink alcohol, eat spicy, salty or sour. The doctor writes a warm but not hot drink, rinsing with chamomile or sage broths, Lugol's ointment, compresses, inhalations, physiotherapy (UHF and electrophoresis). In some cases, surgical intervention is required.

Home treatment of inflammatory processes of the vocal cords

Treatment is carried out both in the hospital and in the homeconditions. The older the child and the stronger the adult in general, the more likely that he will need exclusively home treatment, and laryngitis will flow easier and end without complications.

Mix the crushed grass of nettle withshredded stems and peony flowers, prepare on the basis of the collection collected water infusion and several times a day, rinse their throats. This effective remedy, which has come to us from the Poles, excellently removes puffiness and inflammation.

Several times a day with inflammation, drink 2-3 drops of warm turnip juice or warmed fresh cabbage juice.

Boil half a cup of grated carrots in half a liter of milk, strain the remedy and rinse his throat from inflammation several times during the day.

In a glass of warm milk, add two egg yolks and mix thoroughly. Rinse the resulting vocal cords with inflammation several times a day.

Use to rinse your throat freshly squeezed juice of black currant berries, half diluted with warm boiled water.

Prepare a water infusion based on the collection of sage leaves, blackberry and mallow forest flowers. With the product, rinse the ligaments several times a day.

Prepare a water infusion of leaves of mother-and-stepmother and drink it in small sips during the day.

Prepare a decoction of the berries of the viburnum, strain it, add a few spoons of honey (to taste) and drink several sips of the effective remedy during the day.

Pour some anise seeds with water, boiland discard the liquid formed. Then add honey to taste and boil again. Take with the inflammation of the ligaments received the product for one tablespoon every half hour.

Daily rinse your throat with a decoction of a medicinal thistles. It is desirable to carry out such procedures for vocal chords up to 5 times a day.

Mix a little dried raspberries, sunflower refined oil, ginger powder and honey. Prepare on the basis of this collection of water infusion and drink it in a warm form up to 6 times a day.

Most of the methods described helprestore the voice in just one or two days. In case the folk remedies did not help you get rid of inflammation, you need to seek professional advice from an otolaryngologist.

Why do inflammation of the vocal cords occur?

Inflammation can last up to 10 days. Causes of laryngitis may be

inhalation of contaminated, dusty air,

To prevent the consequences of the diseasetrouble, you need to properly treat the disease. This can be done without medication. Bow your feet, drink a lot of warm water. Your doctor may prescribe you anti-inflammatory or decongestants. Do not abandon the physical procedures. As much as possible be silent, do not eat sharp, do not smoke and rest.

In the treatment of chronic inflammation, prescribe medication and physiotherapy. Also the doctor can prescribe irrigation of the larynx with medicinal preparations, lubrication of the throat.

To prevent the effects of inflammation, use the achievements of medicine - official and popular, watch your diet and diet and be always healthy.

© Author: therapist Elena Dmitrenko

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