Why did the upper eyelids swell?

Stefani ° © ° Shelti (Bi kolor) Genius (51517) 3 years ago

Edema of the upper eyelid FAST will not remove even the ophthalmologist. What reasons could cause such discomfort? Edema is a sign of various diseases.

I will answer --- such changes can be a signbarley, conjunctivitis of bacterial, allergic or viral etiology, sinus disease, kidney damage, Quincke's edema, etc. It may be necessary to drip antibiotics or wash with chamomile tea. Full-time consultation of the ophthalmologist is necessary.
Now, into the house. conditions, you can first rinse the eye with fiz. solution and lay for the lower eyelid an eye anti-inflammatory ointment - for example, tetracycline ophthalmic ointment, in the absence of effect within 2 days you will need to consult an ophthalmologist.

Ruslan Siegfried Guru (2774) 3 years ago

Quickly remove only the doctor