Causes of ankles

Regardless of sex, many people suffer fromswelling of the feet. It can cause not only discomfort, but also painful sensations. But, first of all, it is the body's signal that something went wrong in it. Hence, treatment is required. However, before looking for a remedy for swelling of the legs, you need to understand the real reasons for their appearance.

How does this ailment manifest itself?

Edema is only an external symptom,indicating another problem - excessive accumulation of fluid in the intercellular spaces of various tissues of the body. It is not difficult to diagnose it - the symptoms in this case are quite typical. First of all, traces on the skin that briefly remain after pressing on it speak about it.

Swelling of the leg in the ankle is easier to diagnose- the first symptom of it will be a trace from the elastic of the sock. This symptom is called pastose. It appears in the ankle and lower third of the shin along the entire circumference of the limb. Most often, the swelling of the foot in the ankle is symmetrical.

In the area of ​​the ankles, puffiness may occurlocal character. It appears not always on both legs at once, so it can be distinguished only by localization. The most common are: swelling of the calves of the legs, ankles and the entire circumference of the ankle joint.

A symptom in the shin area orfeet. It is able to spread to the knee joint, and in some cases even higher. It differs in that after palpation in the edematous region, the trace on it remains in the form of a depression for a long time.

In especially severe cases, trophic skin changes occur. These can be sores, wounds, dermatitis or cracks.

To get rid of the disease, it is necessary to understand,why the body is not working properly. The causes of leg edema are quite diverse. Therefore, understanding what became the source of the symptom, do not forget that it can be not only a temporary disruption of the work of your body systems, but also a serious illness.

Edema of the feet in the evening is most often manifested inhealthy people and there is no particular danger. It occurs as a consequence of increased stress on the feet during the day or prolonged stay in an upright position. The best remedy for swelling of the feet in this case is a full rest, after which the condition of the body is normalized. Such a symptom usually appears in the region of the foot and lower leg on both legs.

Often there is swelling of the legs with a cardiacinsufficiency. It arises because of insufficient circulation in the veins of the legs, from which there is a constant stagnation in the vessels. It is he who becomes the main cause of edema, which at the initial stage with palpation is quite mild, but in neglected form it becomes quite hard. You should not bring your body to such a state. If you know that you have heart problems, immediately consult a doctor at the first manifestation of the disease.

There are some features of manifestationsymptom. For example, edema of the legs with heart failure manifests itself on both extremities and in the most severe cases spreads to the knee joint. In the morning hours after an overnight rest, edema of this type becomes slightly less.

With various pathologies of the urinary tractalso swelling of the feet. Most often, it is severe renal failure or nephritic syndrome. For such diseases, the manifestation of edema on both extremities is characteristic, and unlike those caused by cardiological diseases, they are manifested more in the morning. There are also edemas that are provoked by such diseases, and another characteristic feature - in addition to the legs, the face swells, and to a much greater extent.

Venous and lymphatic systems can not cope

With such venous diseases asphlebothrombosis, varicose veins or postthrombophlebitic syndrome, there is a fairly dense and persistent swelling of the legs. In most cases, it is formed on one side. Much less often it can appear immediately on both extremities, but in this case the edema is usually expressed in a larger form only on one of the legs. After a long stay on his feet, it increases. However, after resting in a horizontal position, it decreases noticeably.

Virtually all leg diseases, swelling of whichdisturb patients, can appear at everyone. Thus, diseases of the lymphatic system, whether it is lymphedema, lympho-venous insufficiency, erysipelas or some others, can cause such a symptom. Such edema is usually located only on one of the extremities and is even more dense and resistant than in those caused by venous diseases. The most characteristic for the symptoms of lymphatic diseases is the localization in the form of a pillow on the back of the foot. Reduce it without a doctor-appointed treatment is almost impossible.

Causes the appearance of symptoms and all sorts ofpathology of the osteoarticular system. Usually they occur only on the affected limb in the affected area. Puffiness in this case is accompanied by impaired motor functions.

Various leg injuries, inflammatory and purulentprocesses often cause the appearance of swelling of limited localization. Such symptoms, caused by trauma or an insect bite, spread only in the area of ​​damage along the circumference. If the lesion is purulent, then the segment of manifestation will be much larger.

Such injuries as fracture, dislocation, sprain, oreven a severe bruise, can cause a more common swelling, the principle of which is similar to the development of a hematoma. The causes of leg edema are really quite diverse.

Symptom may appear in everyone, it is almost notdepends on neither age nor sex. Often there is swelling of the legs in the elderly, which can be due to both illness and age-related changes in the body. But all the same, more often this affliction suffers from a weaker sex.

Why do legs swell in women - pregnancy

The main cause of edema of the legs isof women is, of course, pregnancy. It is characteristic that this symptom arises practically in all, regardless of age and physique, differing only in the degree of expression.

Most often, swelling of the legs during pregnancy occursalready in the last months, when the considerably increased size of the uterus begins to put pressure on the veins located in the cavity of the pelvis. They fall into the lower limbs. Violation of the outflow of blood from the lower limbs, caused by pregnancy, causes typical for this period swelling. Usually they pass by themselves and quickly enough after the woman has rested the necessary amount of time in that position, when the uterus does not squeeze the veins.

Since in the body of a pregnant womanthere are changes in metabolism, excessive intake of salt also leads to accumulation of fluid in the legs. Therefore, the main means of treating and preventing such symptoms is to reduce salt intake to a minimum.

Swelling of the legs during pregnancy should not causethe future mother of special concern. He meets often enough and at the timely reference to the doctor easily gives in to treatment. There are many medications that are absolutely harmless to the baby, capable not only of removing the symptoms, but also preventing them from appearing.

In the second half of pregnancy, many futuremothers are faced with such a phenomenon as gestosis. During it there is a significant increase in blood pressure, headaches, and in rare cases, convulsions. In almost all cases, these signs of gestosis are accompanied by a fairly strong swelling of the legs. In addition, it can manifest itself on the face or hands. In order to confirm the diagnosis, the obstetrician usually prescribes a urine test for the amount of protein it contains. If his level is elevated, a pregnant woman needs treatment in a hospital setting.

A diuretic for feet swelling (it is often prescribed for pregnant women) helps to reduce puffiness in a relatively short time, causing the body to get rid of excess fluid.

Several days before the onset of menstruation, manywomen develop swelling of the body, which is most often manifested in the legs. Often it passes almost immediately after the end of menstruation. If this does not happen, the woman has an occasion to visit a doctor. In those cases when timely access to a doctor for any reason is impossible, avoid edema can be by using an adjusted diet in the days before menstruation. A few days before the onset of menstruation and throughout menstruation, you must follow a simple diet that excludes the consumption of any sweets and salty foods. Usually these measures are sufficient to avoid the formation of symptoms.

On the question of why the legs swell in women,definitely can not be answered. Often the causes are various violations of the process of removing excess fluid from the body. Which, in turn, can be caused by various processes occurring in the body of a woman.

Flushed legs - what to do?

Because this is more a symptom than a disease,for its successful elimination it is necessary to get to the bottom of the true reason. Only by eliminating the cause, curing the disease or going on a diet, you can avoid manifestations of this ailment. Therefore, it is important to remember that if there was edema of the legs, only a doctor can prescribe the treatment.

Because the reasons for its formation may bequite a lot, to determine which specialist should be contacted, the therapist will help. At the reception, he will be able to collect all the symptoms and complaints of the patient into a single picture, after which he will tell you which doctor to go to. If the reason for the formation of edema may be some venous disease, then a consultation is recommended from the phlebologist. If the therapist suspects that the symptom is caused by impaired renal function, a nephrologist should be consulted.

If swelling occurs in a pregnant woman, go totherapist is not necessary - it is better to immediately go to a women's consultation and consult a doctor-obstetrician. He has much more experience in the treatment of expectant mothers and for sure it will be his first patient with such symptoms. In this case, the obstetrician appoints a number of necessary examinations, according to the results of which the treatment corresponding to the case will be prescribed.

In any case, to the question: "Have your legs swelled, what to do?" You can give only one always the right answer: "Contact a specialist". Only in this case the treatment will be really effective.

Methods for treating leg edema

Before taking a doctor, you can use somefunds alone. If there is swelling of the legs, treatment should be immediate. There are many drugs that are able in a relatively short time to eliminate the symptoms or reduce their severity.

Few gels have an analgesic effect,so the drug "Troxevasin" is very popular. It not only reduces puffiness, but also has an easy analgesic effect, which in some cases is important. In addition, this drug effectively strengthens the walls of veins, vessels and capillaries.

Quite effective ointment from swelling of the legs, "Venitan"which includes a chestnut extract. The principle of this drug is that the walls of the veins and capillaries are markedly strengthened. True, this drug is better suited for the treatment of edema caused by various venous diseases. Only in this case it will be most effective. "Essaven gel" has approximately the same principle of action, but this tool additionally eliminates microthrombi and improves blood circulation in general.

As an ointment from swelling of the legs, you can use "Lyoton." And the heparin gel perfectly strengthens the vascular walls and improves the blood supply of the limbs.

Despite the fact that all these tools are quiteeffectively struggle with the formed edemas, to use them without doctor's appointment is not recommended. It is explained quite simply - treatment can be effective only when the cause of the disease is identified as accurately as possible. And you can not do it yourself, you just take off the symptoms a little, that will not solve the problem entirely. If you still use these funds, in no case be content with temporary relief and do not cancel the trip to the doctor.

Treatment of foot swelling with gymnastics

Few people believe in the healing power of physicalexercises. Most people reduce them to sports, strengthening and training the body, but not to treatment. But when the legs swelled, what to do is the most common question. Therefore it is necessary to know, by what methods it is possible to struggle with edemas. Sometimes the usual pharmacy can be unavailable, for example, at work. But you can alleviate your state of health in this situation with the help of simple gymnastic exercises.

The most effective exercise, during whichyou need to smoothly move your weight from the heels to the toes of the feet and back. Do it, of course, you need on a flat surface and without shoes. Such an exercise is better performed for several approaches, each of which will consist of 20-40 ups and downs. Between cycles, you need to rest for a while, after which the exercise can be repeated.

An effective remedy for swelling of the feet- walking on moussocks. Do this exercise preferably without shoes, but if conditions do not allow, you can do it in shoes or sneakers. Two minutes of such simple walking is enough to noticeably improve health.

For another exercise, not onlyUndress, but also remove socks. Its essence lies in the fact that it is necessary with the help of the toes to lift a small object from the floor, for example, a conventional pen. If you can remove the shoes, and socks or pantyhose - no, you can simply alternately bend and unbend your toes.

There is an exercise that can be performed onworking place practically without taking off from employment by important matters. It is necessary in the sitting position to stretch the legs forward and rotate the feet in a counter-clockwise direction, then in the opposite direction.

Economical and effective folk remedies

The swelling of the legs began to overwhelm people for a very long time,so there are many recipes that you can use to treat these symptoms at home and without buying medication. It will remove unpleasant sensations and improve blood circulation in the extremities.

One of the most economical ways- treatmentedema of the feet by folk remedies with the help of massage. To make it mixed turpentine and castor oil in the proportions of 1 to 2. After the procedure on your feet, you need to put on socks made of natural material.

Also with turpentine, you can prepare a mixture for grinding - just take one raw egg with a large spoon of apple cider vinegar and turpentine tea.

A fairly effective treatment is provided bynot only for external use, but also for the internal. One such is the decoction of the plant Astragalus. For its preparation, pour 10 grams of dried leaves with a glass of boiling water and wait for it to cool completely. Take this drink should be 2-3 times during the day for 2-3 tablespoons. Usually, no more than two weeks are needed to obtain tangible results.

If the edema is caused by fatigue, help to return the legsformer health will help massage using ice. And the best effect will be if the procedure is carried out with frozen green tea or any herbal decoction. Equally useful in such situations is a contrast shower.

If one of the reasons for the appearance of edema becomeformed on the legs of varicose nodules, you can apply to them steamed elder leaves. Such a compress should be done once a day and keep it for at least half an hour.

Treatment of edema of the feet with folk remediesreally gives the necessary results. One of the most effective tea recipes from swelling is tea from infused for 2 hours per 400 ml of boiled water of dried orthosiphon (2 teaspoons).

Quite an effective action has andpumpkin juice. In order to significantly reduce the existing swelling and avoid its manifestation in the future, it is enough to take 100 ml of pumpkin fresh juice daily. If necessary, it can be mixed in equal proportions with carrot, apple, cucumber or celery juice. All juices must be natural and freshly prepared.

A fairly accessible remedy can be prepared fromdried and crushed watermelon crusts. To do this, pour 40 g of crusts with two glasses of steep boiling water, then boil on low heat for another 5 minutes. Ready-made broth should be filtered and divided into 4 portions - this is for the whole day.

Very often a diuretic for swelling of the feetis the most effective. Therefore, you can prepare herbal tea or diuretic collection, but it must be used regularly and systematically. Such herbal complexes in the assortment are sold in pharmacies, but if desired, they can be prepared on their own. Quite effective collection collected in a glass of boiling water from 1 small spoon mixed in equal proportions of sporrows, field horsetail and birch buds. The present broth should be taken 1 large spoon three times a day after meals for 3 days, after which it is necessary to take a break for 1 day. The general course of treatment for such a collection should not exceed two weeks.

Quite effectively fights with swelling of fennelfragrant, or rather, its seeds. To make a decoction from it, pour 1 large spoonful of seeds with a glass of boiling water and leave overnight to insist in the thermos. Take this drink should be for three weeks to 150 ml in the morning on an empty stomach and at night.

When the legs are swollen, what to do - you already know. First of all, it is necessary to try to reduce the manifestation of the symptom, after which it is necessary to consult with a doctor as soon as possible. If the disease manifests itself for the first time, consult a doctor to delay too. Only in this case the treatment is guaranteed to give excellent results.