Why the sides swell

Question: why the right side hurts, doctors hear quite often. The fact is that there are plenty of reasons for such pains. This is a common syndrome in our time. It is periodically experienced even by healthy people.

And in some cases, different types of anxiety on the one hand can indicate serious illnesses. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the symptoms and causes of such symptoms.

1. Quite often, a sharp spasm on the right side is associated with appendicitis. Inflammation of the appendix requires immediate hospitalization and surgery. The rupture of this process leads to peritonitis, when the infection spreads throughout the abdominal cavity. The operation is performed immediately after diagnosis. This is the only way to get rid of the problem.

2. Another fairly common case of morbidity (only in women) is ectopic pregnancy. Such discomfort is more often felt in the lower part of the abdomen. Such torments can be accompanied by bloody discharge from the vagina. Urgent operation is required.

3. The cause of this symptom may be stones in the gallbladder. Stones can be formed from cholesterol or other constituents of bile. In this case, the main method of treatment will also be surgery - cholecystectomy.

4. In men, the cause of this problem can be a twisting of the testicle of the testicle. The pain is very strong, while the scrotum is swelling.

5. Acute right pain can cause various colitis and bowel problems. They can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

6. Pregnant women also have problems because of fetal pressure on the organs and their squeezing. Usually, this discomfort subsides in a lying position.

Noeth and pulls to the right

Often there is aching pain in the right side underribs. These sensations can be blunt and prolonged. In this place a person has a liver and a right kidney. They fit tight enough to the ribs. It is the ribs that protect them from injury during sudden movements.

The causes of sheer discomfort may be variousinflammatory processes. when the internal organs increase, swell. It becomes tight under the ribs. Sometimes the organs are shifted somewhat, for example, when striking. They can also be squeezed by other bodies.

Another cause of painfulbe hepatitis. In addition, the symptoms are supplemented by apathy, weakness, lack of appetite, severe headaches. The skin acquires a yellowish shade. Urine, on the contrary, is discolored.

It hurts under the ribs during inflammatory processes in the right adrenal gland, in the right lung, in the duodenum, in the pancreas, and also in the upper parts of the intestine.

Types of pain under the right ribs:

1) Aching pain.
2) Sharp and sharp pain.
3) Pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
4) Stitching pains worse with movement.

All kinds of pain in the right hypochondrium require treatment for specialized care.

The right lower abdomen suffers

Sensations are associated with diseases of internal organs. In this place is concentrated a significant number of organs and tissues. Problems in these organs and cause painful sensations. Body signals from the stomach are symptoms of a huge number of diseases. Therefore, it is difficult to make an unambiguous diagnosis.

Any sharp pain on the right requires urgent treatment to the doctors. Some pathologies can endanger human life.

  1. Acute or chronic.
  2. Nicking, stitching, pulling, cutting, girdling.
  3. Depend on the situation: for example, after eating, walking, running. anguish from injuries, etc.

The main causes of soreness on the right: appendicitis, problems with the intestines, violations in the work of genital organs, kidney problems, pancreatic diseases, liver.

To identify the source of the problems, a collection ofanamnesis, the performance of examinations, the delivery of tests. The patient will need to recall all chronic and transferred diseases, possible injuries or strokes in the recent past, recent meals, physical activity in recent times.

After a survey, a person is examined for an itemthe integrity of the skin, palpation of the abdominal wall is performed. The eyes, tongue, and skin color are examined. Then, laboratory tests are performed.

In the vast majority of cases, ultrasonic diagnostic devices are used to diagnose the problem.

1. Chronic anxiety is removed with the help of antispasmodics, for example, nosps. But you can take medicine only in case of an accurate diagnosis. Otherwise, anesthetics can make diagnosis difficult;

2. To facilitate acute spasm before the arrival of doctors, it is necessary to provide the patient with peace, lying position, cold to the place of the source;

3. If problems with the digestive system, observe a strict diet;

4. To alleviate the pain in the liver will help honey with ground cinnamon, as well as a mixture of olive oil, honey and lemon;

5. With discomfort in the gallbladder helps decoction of potatoes;

6. If the liver makes itself felt, you need to make a decoction of herbs: celandine, dog rose, mint, buckthorn, immortelle. One spoonful of herbs for 300 ml of boiling water.