Why cheeks swell

Among middle-aged and older peoplethe swelling of the face is a very common problem. A small test: in the morning immediately after awakening immediately get out of bed and go to the mirror. If your reflection bears in itself such signs as: a crumpled appearance, puffiness of the cheeks, bags under the eyes and general puffiness, that is, it makes sense to think about the state of your health.

There are many causes of edemaface. Some doctors associate their manifestation with such factors as wrong sleep, excessive salt, excess water and even bad ecology; others tend to blame this for a slightly different reason. Some experts point out possible problems in the work of the kidneys, chronic alcoholism or a malfunction in the thyroid gland. Below are listed the main causes of puffiness:

  • Surplus of table salt in daily diet
  • Inconvenient position of the body during sleep
  • Too much water
  • Hypothyroidism - a deficiency of thyroid hormones
  • Kidney problems: stones or salt deposition
  • Internal failure of metabolic processes in the body

Do you like too much salted food? In this case, this may be the very reason for the onset of facial swelling. What is the relationship between salt and edema? Sodium ions in the human body regulate the heart rhythm. In the event that they become too much (salted food in the diet), the body begins to respond to counteracting - there is thirst, and the person subconsciously consumes more water. Excess fluid in turn leads to the appearance of puffiness. In this case, your face as it signals to you about too much salt absorption. It is necessary to immediately adjust the diet to reduce salt intake to a minimum level.

Another cause of swelling may be a violation inthe thyroid gland. Lack of iodine in the body can lead to the fact that the thyroid gland stops producing regulatory hormones. Among the main signs of hypothyroidism: an enlarged larynx, a swollen face, bulging eyes and a hoarse voice.

Swelling of the face in the morning

What is the cause of the appearance of facial swelling inthe morning hours? Unequivocally, that part of the cases of causes of edema of the face in the morning is associated with an incorrect position of the body during sleep. The awkward position of the head, its reclining may well be the very reason. Replace the high pillow with a flatter cushion, since too much lifting of the head will lead to bending the neck, which in turn can lead to puffiness.

If the pillow is all right, but swelling regularlyrepeat how much you drink water. As a rule, morning swelling indicates the stagnation of water in the body. Doctors have long known that an excessive amount of fluid in the body can cause a significant swelling in a person.

In addition, one of the factors of the swelling of the faceis eating at too late. In this case, the entire absorbed liquid simply does not have time to be fully absorbed by the human body. It is not superfluous to know that a late dinner is capable of bringing your face to a rather unattractive state for the morning!

It is also possible to link swelling in the early hours withkidney disease. This problem arises from the fact that the filtering capacity of this organ is, for whatever reason, significantly reduced. It can be accumulated slag, salt deposition, systemic diseases and much more.

Here we will consider the main approaches to treatmentedema of the face. First of all, it will not be superfluous to visit an endocrinologist and nephrologist. If you have no problems with the thyroid gland and kidneys, then you can turn to the wisdom of folk recipes and means.

  • So, the first thing you need to do isminimize consumption of table salt. The basic rule will be simple - "the less salt in the diet, the healthier the organism will be!" The daily norm of an adult is only 3 grams per day, and its excess threatens with trouble.
  • The next approach is based on a balancedabsorption of water. Remove excess fluid from your body by using diuretics. The most famous diuretics of this kind are: chamomile, medicinal sage, common oregano, chicory, lemon balm and centipedes. Infusions of these herbs will help to remove excess water from the body and quickly cope with the swelling of the face.
  • With kidney disease you can follow folkrecommendations. One teaspoon of bay leaf tincture, when soaked on an empty stomach, cleanses the kidneys well, removes slags, stimulates the metabolic process and eliminates puffiness. It is applied within 10 days, after which your kidneys will earn in full force, and as a matter of fact will find the second youth.
  • There is also a folk recipe that a lotyears is applied by Siberian peasants: a mask prepared from boiled potatoes, sour cream and dill is applied to the face. The potatoes are mashed in puree, a spoonful of sour cream and a bunch of chopped dill are added. The mixture is thoroughly mixed, after which it is spread over the face in a thick layer. It is believed that such a mask stimulates blood circulation and thereby eliminates puffiness.
  • Facial swelling associated with hypothyroidism resolvethe appointment of drugs with a high content of iodine. In addition to tablets and medications, the body can be supplemented with iodine, such as: kelp (seaweed), seafood (squid, crab, shrimp and oysters), ocean fish (herring, tuna, cod, mackerel) and some fruits (feijoa).

In conclusion, let us say that the gymnastics of mimicmuscles of the face can also serve as a good alternative to the ways presented above to combat edema of the face. It is as follows: lie down in bed, put your hands along the body and relax. Now start to move consistently all the paired muscles of the face: the eyebrows, cheeks and cheekbones. Right-to-left, up and down. We perform the exercise for three minutes, pause and after rest we repeat again. Such "physical education of the face" does not have any contraindications and it perfectly fights with swelling.

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