Swelling causes heel

Swelling of the feet can be caused by tworeasons. In the first case, this is a bad circulation of blood, and in the second - problems with the passage of lymph. When the swelling of the feet is due to poor circulation of the blood, the skin turns red, itches, and in broken cases even bursts. In this case, the infection can get into the wound and inflammation will begin. The circulation of blood in the foot can be disturbed, for example, by wearing tight shoes or when frostbite, when blood vessels are damaged.

If the swelling of the feet is due to poorthe passage of lymph, the cause of this may be infection or trauma. The organism in response to external influences tries to eliminate the damage, using its methods of fighting infection. At the same time, the blood vessels surrounding the sore spot are opened, throwing nutrients, oxygen and white blood cells into the injury zone.

From a psychoemotional point of view, rednessthe swollen place on the foot indicates that the person is angry about the events taking place or is in pain because of the situation. On the finger of the foot on which the tumor appeared, you can determine to which aspect of your life the pain relates and what conflict it is caused by.

In order to determine which emotionscaused swollen feet, it is necessary to determine as precisely as possible the location of the tumor. The swelling in the area of ​​the third chakra means that you are angry, in the area of ​​the second chakra - you feel guilty.

If the swollen place itches, it means that youDo not postpone the solution of your problems. If you still do not want to go back to your business, the swollen place will begin to itch without ceasing, as if reminding you of your duty. Sometimes in such cases a person combs the tumor to such an extent that the skin on it bursts and fluid escapes from the wound. However, it does not bring relief, because emotions are not splashed out, and problems are not solved.

If painful tumors are formed on the skincold feet, this indicates a huge accumulation of emotions, a horror that someone will know about your suffering. In this situation, a person stiffens in place, afraid to make at least a step.

Blood is a fluid related to femaleelements, it symbolizes emotions and love. Circulating through the veins, it carries the energy of life in our body. The appearance of tumors on the soles due to poor blood circulation indicates the desire of a person to stop and rest. At the moment he simply does not believe in himself and is not able to stand up for himself.

Bad blood circulation can also meanthe fear of love, the desire to hide from it. A person is afraid to get into emotional dependence and therefore is frightened of a full life and intimacy. In an effort to protect themselves and not show their vulnerability, it becomes like a tortoise, which at the time of danger draws its legs and head under the shell. As a result, "frozen" feelings prevent you from finding love, and a person is overwhelmed with a feeling of pain and frustration because he can not change the situation.

How to get rid of swelling of your feet?

To get rid of this problem, before youall you need to understand is who or what makes you feel helpless and helpless. Do you have a sense of intrusion from outside into your inner world? Maybe you are tempted to drive out the invader? Finally, decide if this is the only reason why you can not express your emotions openly, or is there something else?

In no case do not give up and do not go intopanic. There is an exit from any situation. Perhaps the ice that's binding your heart will melt the fire of your anger. Finding a way to express your emotions, you can ease their pressure.