Swollen legs in the baby

If there is swelling in the legs of a child, the cause may be salted food. If the child swells constantly - it is necessary to see a doctor for a serious examination.

The reason for the swelling of the legs can become both cardiacinsufficiency, and liver or kidney disease, bronchial asthma, lung disease and many other diseases. Therefore, with regular edema of the legs should consult with a doctor and undergo a comprehensive examination of the body.

Why does the child swollen legs?

If there is swelling of the legs in the child - it's stilldoes not mean that he is ill with one of the above diseases. The cause of swelling of the legs can also serve as a metabolic disorder, overweight, flat feet, problems with the thyroid gland, ankle injury, fracture of the leg.

To successfully treat leg edema, it is necessary tofirst of all, to identify the cause of edema. Sometimes a person just needs to reduce the intake of salt and liquid so that the swelling of the legs stops. If the legs regularly swell by evening, then this is a sign of heart disease, while edema by the morning - developing kidney failure.

Also, swelling of the legs can manifest in a perfecta healthy person, for example, with excessive use of liquid at night, with improper shoe selection, or with prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable position. If the child swells around his legs after a walk, pay attention to his gait: he may have a flat foot or he just shakes his shoes.

Treatment of edema of the legs is carried out by differentdrugs, depending on the cause. In some cases, diuretics are prescribed (which in no case can not be used for heart disease), in other cases - ointments. Sometimes people get rid of edema with folk remedies and special foot gymnastics. It will be most reasonable to turn to specialists, when the appearance of regular edema occurs, to find out the cause of the onset of edema and to cure the disease itself.